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SCRIGNO BI and Sales Forecasting: Now You Can Finally Understand Where You’re Going

14th February 2013
Scrigno BI and Sales Forecasting

With Scrigno BI and Sales Forecasting finally you can count on fundamental support for your strategies: a reliable prediction of sales.

Built on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform, web-based and usable by Tablet PCs, this new feature of the SCRIGNO PMS suite allows the Revenue Manager to identify at a glance the critical dates, giving him / her the chance to intervene in time with corrective actions in order to improve sales.

Thanks to sophisticated mathematical algorithms based on the analysis of time series of pick-up, the system is able to provide in real-time:

  • Daily forecast of room nights to be sold in the next months
  • Comparison with essential benchmarks (budget, current on-the-book situation, last year’s on-the-book, actual result of last year)
  • Possibility to analyse in detail, thanks to a simple drill-down, the most relevant sales data (market segment, length of stay, lead time, rate level

Reliable forecasts for changing markets

"We have realised an innovative forecasting system,"says Giuseppe Pellegrini, GP Dati’s head of sales and marketing. "The result of a long R&D project that involved a team of university researchers, hotel consultants and our senior analysts, that allowed us to formulate algorithms able to provide reliable predictions even in changing market conditions such as the current ones."

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