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Smart Interactive Solutions for Guest Entertainment, Information and Communication

Hoteza is an interactive, guest-facing platform for hotel entertainment, information and communication, including an internet protocol television (IPTV) solution for smart hospitality TV, in-room tablets, and web or mobile app for smartphones.

11 Meneou Avenue,
7550 Kiti Cyprus

11 Meneou Avenue,
7550 Kiti Cyprus

Hoteza is an interactive, guest-facing platform for hotel entertainment, information and communication, including an internet protocol television (IPTV) solution for smart hospitality TV, in-room tablets, and web or mobile app for smartphones.

The portfolio consists of a smart solution for high-speed internet access and digital signage for communication and information.

The latest product is the guest-friendly Hoteza Check-In, made to work on the self-check-in kiosk through the Hoteza app or online. All services are Cloud-based and seamlessly merge with the primary property management system (PMS), guest room management system (GRMS) and point-of-sale (POS) for optimal customer service.

Premium hospitality IPTV system

As a fully interactive hospitality IPTV and compliant with hotel visual guidelines, Hoteza IPTV is a solution for entertainment, information and guest communication, providing a well-rounded service that ranges from hotel information to room service orders. With Hoteza Stream, hotels can seamlessly screen-mirror guest content without additional equipment in the room.

Hoteza can be integrated with the leading GRMS, providing flawless room control systems via the in-room TV screen and guest mobile device. The Cloud-based CMS allows consistent information content upgrades across your hotel at any time.

Interactive IPTV allows guests to enjoy their favourite content, use a personalised wake-up alert, discover information about the hotel and destination, and make restaurant reservations, book spa treatments and more. The system can provide a powerful marketing tool to deliver personalised promotions to guests and feedback during guest stay.

Interactive in-room tablets

Hoteza HotPad is a multilingual guest service app specially designed for in-room tablets, featuring a powerful and efficient marketing tool for direct communication and quick and straightforward in-room guest use.

The app works on both iOS and Android devices. It is easily installed and offers multiple integrations with various global PMS, RMS and POS systems. The Cloud-based app requires a Wi-Fi connection within the hotel for operations and content management, easily manageable through Hoteza’s unique CMS.

The tablet’s interactivity also promotes health standards as it can replace TV remote control and IP telephone, notably more devices compared with standard room tablets.

Contactless online check-in

Hoteza Check-In is a flexible and time-saving solution for guests checking in on their own. It helps to prioritise guest safety by minimising contact with the front desk and selecting check-in and check-out time.

The digital guest self-service portal, along with the automated mailing system and real-time status updates, make Hoteza Check-In easy-to-use and versatile for guests and hotels. In a few easy-to-follow steps, everyone can check in and gain access to the Mobile Key through the Hoteza Mobile app, which is another essential Hoteza feature.

Its user-friendly interface makes the app ideal for hotel lobby kiosks with a card dispensary option. Hoteza Check-In is easily applied, fully compliant with hotel visual identity guidelines, and personalised to fit hotel needs following high-security standards.

Interactive, user-friendly mobile and web app

Hoteza App aims for an exceptional experience by allowing guests to communicate through their device. There are options for both iOS and Android users without a download requirement. Both versions work through a Cloud-based CMS system with various functions, modules and options for the hotels.

Guests can order food and explore hotel history and services through their device, regardless of location, enjoying a digitalised and interactive experience through connectivity.

Guests can order through simple QR scans, control their in-room TV and smart-room system and place payments directly. Simultaneously, the hotel can reduce printed materials and gain a powerful marketing tool fully compliant with the visual identity guidelines.

High-speed internet access and digital signage

Hoteza high-speed internet access allows an evenly distributed internet connection, easily managed from a Cloud-based CMS and optimising the limited bandwidth. It also enables a secure connection to the hotel Wi-Fi without compromising connection speed regardless of guest numbers.

Hoteza’s digital signage is an ideal yet discreet way to inform guests about upcoming events, promotions, safety recommendations and other announcements through screens in public locations.

Our values and services

Developed on extensive hospitality and IT experience, Hoteza is a proud member of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) since 2019, bringing together valuable market experience and expertise to incorporate all guest-facing products in the same platform for smooth guest service.

The Next Generation of Digital Hospitality Service

Captivating collaboration between Notiz Hotel, Hotel Management School (part of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences) and Hoteza smart solutions brings together innovative hospitality platform, a well-established hotel and the curiosity of student minds.


11 Meneou Avenue


7550 Kiti