Digitalisation in tourism is already here: joining the movement should be a matter of time and not a choice with the implementation of the Mobile-Key-supporting Hoteza Mobile Application, which allows for a simple and efficient way to unburden your guests from carrying a key card and simultaneously motivating them to explore your guest mobile app and discover everything you have to offer.

In an ongoing mission to improve on the well-rounded solution, the Hoteza team has included more functionalities into the existing Hotel Mobile Application in the form of Mobile Key. The feature now allows a keyless room entry via guests’ smartphones, using the BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy. This feature is simple and secure, using two-factor authentication and giving the hotel the ability to deny access in real-time. Mobile Key is easily activated during the check-in and will be automatically deleted after the check-out has been made.

Implementing a Mobile Key into your service is a solution worth considering for all the hotels that want to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible for their guests by giving them a room key that is impossible to lose, damage, or demagnetize, unlike the plastic key cards.

“We wanted to give our clients the possibility to make a choice between the standard and what we believe will become the new standards quite soon,” says Nikolay Beloshitsky, Hoteza founder & CEO. “The process of usage is simple,” he explains. “All you need to download Hoteza Mobile App, available for both Android and iOS phones, enter your room number and last name to log in. You will be sent an access code via SMS or an e-mail during your check-in and entering the code will allow you to access your room with or without Internet usage.”

Another thing customers are usually most interested in, besides the general idea of usage, is the security behind the product. With Mobile Key, the communication between the app and the server uses end-to-end encryption, which guarantees maximum security for both the hotel and the guest.

“We’re especially proud to be called a certified partner by Assa Abloy, one of the world’s most renewed mobile key & security solutions,” Nikolay says. “With their products installed in numerous hotels worldwide, Assa Abloy is now the largest provider of the hotel locking systems globally, and our partnership was a great way of confirming that we were moving in the right direction.”

It might be early to speak about the general scope of the impact the implementation of the Mobile Key would have on the industry in general, but recent studies have shown more and more guests are turning to mobile applications for a variety of services. With the increase of tech-savvy travellers, hotels need to adapt quickly and efficiently to keep up with the guest demands and the instant service they now expect.