Streaming services have undeniably changed the way people look at the comfort of their hotel rooms and shined a new light on the importance of providing your guests with BYOC or Bring Your Own Content service.

Often disregarded, the service of screen mirroring has become one of the most requested and frequently desired services guests demand in their rooms. The ability to seamlessly screen mirror one’s content onto the hotel TV is important while creating that feeling of home in the hotel room.

Hoteza Stream enables the guests to easily share content from any of their devices with the in-room TV screen. This patented technology makes it possible to create a glitch-free service without Apple TV or Google Chromecast devices, clearing out the clutter from the hotel rooms and eliminating the additional hardware from behind the TV.

Hoteza Stream gives you the possibility to share any type of content from both Apple and Android devices while utilizing a centralized use of Apple TV boxes and Google Chromecast dongles – this makes the investment extremely efficient and brings up the total cost of the solution to a lower price, without impacting the quality of the service in any kind. A predetermined number of set-up boxes centralized in a designated space at the hotel thus covers all the TV screens in the hotel, automatically connecting guests to the TV inside their room they wish to use.

Easily, guest can now stream their own content, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, or any of the other streaming services onto the hotel TV without having to go through the login procedure – a quick, easy and simple way of achieving home-away-from-home feeling and maximize the pleasure of the stay for the guests.

It’s highly compatible since its only requirement is the TV system, and convenient since the system is ready to go as soon as it’s set up. The intuitive approach and navigation ensure efficiency, while the technology guarantees safety and allows guests to share their content in their room only. For a guest visiting the hotel, the experience is quick and easy, consisting of three steps: connecting to the Wi-Fi, following the on-screen instructions to connect, and finally, cast their content. For the hotel, the no-fuss approach of no-wiring, no software investment, or installation is the simplest solution to the necessity of screen sharing is today.