Companies dedicated to providing a unique experience come together in the new collaboration bringing together interactive hospitality solutions, student-managed hotel and hotel management university to create a real-world experience. Collaboration is designed to provide a unique learning opportunity for NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences students through the support of Hoteza solutions deployed in Notiz Hotel settled in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Set in the backdrop of a recognizable hotel, Hoteza guest-facing technology solution includes IPTV with an AirStream solution for screencasting, interactive in-room tablets and mobile app with mobile key for Assa Abloy hotel locks. Another important Hoteza solution is High Speed Internet Access that provides guests with a fairly distributed connection to hotel WiFi. Notiz Hotel also shows a specific case of room control, where HVAC system and lights are managed by different solutions – Daikin and Helvar, respectively. Every solution that helps in the smooth running of the hotel operations and provides a better guest experience is connected through MEWS property management system for a seamless connection.

Everyone working on the project shares the same idea that there is always room to further improve the guest experience, which is why everyone is actively on the look-out for like-minded solution providers who can help. That is why Hoteza and Notiz Hotel are currently discussing the opportunity to connect Hoteza and hotelkit for the most efficient hotel operation management while handling guest requests.

Back in 2018, when the conversation about the collaboration started, Nikolay Beloshitsky of Hoteza and Kashif Mahmood of NHL Stenden Hospitality Group met during HITEC Dubai 2018 show, immediately recognizing the potential in the collaboration that will ensue.

“Despite the fact it took us around two years since the first meeting and e-mail exchange, I believe this is one of the most dynamic collaborations we’ve done,” says Nikolay Beloshitsky, remembering the enthusiasm that both sides took while approaching the potential of the collaboration between them.

“We have a unique real-world learning hotel run by students, striving to provide the best learning experience for them and work with top-of-the-game partners in the hospitality industry,” said Kashif Mahmood, recalling that in the following months after that initial contact they started a months-long renovation of the former Stenden Hotel, which was meant to add 8 Junior Suites to the existing infrastructure. Their aim was clear, he mentioned: creating a hotel room of the future.

“It was a very rewarding moment to have students approach you and ask additional questions about bettering the general user experience in the hotel, showing exactly what it means to be part of the hospitality industry in the 2020s and how you have to keep track of guests’ needs first,” says Karina Zaynagabdinova, Customer Experience Manager at Hoteza.

The model of bringing students directly to the front-lines of hospitality during their actual studies provides them with a unique real-world, real-time learning opportunity that will give them the most valuable lesson in the ever-changing nature of the industry to everyone attending Hotel Management School.

This unique opportunity made certain things possible for all participants, offering valuable lessons in the hospitality of the future: while technology seems like a common occurrence in the hotel industry of today, it feels like an outstanding opportunity to begin educating the next generation of hospitality professionals while gaining insight into their own views, ideas and feedback.

Hoteza is proudly taking the opportunity which goes hand in hand with the values they uphold: constant growth, innovation and social responsibility which all comes naturally in the collaboration with Notiz Hotel and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

As of February 2021, all actors are tirelessly focusing on gaining as much valuable insight from this collaboration and helping each other maintain and upgrade their own high standards and working together on reaching new hospitality heights together.