Hotel Metropol, in partnership with HRS – Hospitality & Retail Systems, has introduced the Hoteza Check-in ‘self-check-in’ system developed by Hoteza. Hoteza Check-in saves guests and hotel staff time by reducing the number of front desk contacts between them and, therefore, improving the safety of everyone who is involved.

“The self-check-in system, which has proven to be successful at many major European chains, is now a necessity since the onset of the pandemic. Ensuring a safe stay for our guests is now our highest priority,” noted Marina Skokova, General Manager of Hotel Metropol.

This approach was confirmed by Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing agency, who encourage minimizing contact between staff and guests at check-in by using mobile applications in hotels and hostels.

It is worth noting the advantages that the hotel has accrued since the introduction of this new technology. After receiving a guest’s contact details, the information automatically enters the hotel’s database, which allows the hotel to start building an understanding of their preferences, enabling them to deliver a more personalized service to their guest. This approach also reduces the hotel staff’s administrative load since all the information is entered by the guest himself.

“Thanks to the interface with the passport module we have automated this procedure and made it quick and convenient for both guests and the Metropol Hotel reception staff”, says Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, HRS General Director.

HRS Passport Manager scans the data provided by guests during their online check-in and loads it into the relevant fields of the Opera PMS registration form prior to actual check-in. The procedure is therefore reduced to the electronic exchange of documents, including the formation of registration forms and reports for the FMS and passport, visa, and migration registration authorities.

Counter check-in time is now reduced to a few seconds, all the guest needs to do is to show his passport and thereby confirm his identity. Paper forms will also no longer be needed at check-in, as in accordance with Russian Government Decree No. 1860 of November 18, 2020, electronic forms of check-in are allowed.

“Checking in at the front desk is a tedious procedure that guests would gladly skip. Hoteza Check-in has a big advantage; guests can choose a time that is convenient for them,” stated Anton Losenkov, IT director of the Metropol Hotel.

“Until recently, many hoteliers feared that digital self-service would compromise the human aspect of the hospitality industry, but the world has changed, and guests have moved on. We live in a digitally connected world and guests deal with this type of thing in their everyday lives,” said Nikolai Beloshitsky, CEO of Hoteza.

The Hotel Metropol plans to implement an online check-out service in the very near future. Guests will be able to pay for accommodation and services directly from their phone or laptop and check out from the hotel without going to the front desk.