Wexiödisk is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of dishwashing machines for professional users. For the past 30 years, Wexiödisk has worked to constantly improve the quality of its dishwashing equipment. This constant development has earned us a leading position.

Wexiödisk has become synonymous with functional and environmentally friendly solutions, high quality, reliability and excellent dishwashing results. Our machines are the perfect choice for customers who focus on the total running cost.

Environmentally friendly dishwashers

Dishwashers use large amounts of energy, water and chemicals. Therefore, Wexiödisk has focused on the environmental aspect, which has led to the development of new, unique products we call Green.

These are some examples of our Green engineering:

The pre-rinse machine PRM Green for hood-type machines dramatically reduces the running costs by totally eliminating manual pre-rinsing.
Hood–type machines can be equipped with heat recovery system Green, a condensing unit and heat exchanger, for exceptional cost savings and better working climate.
The WD-100GR potwasher, with its unique spinning technology for exceptional water and energy savings, is suitable for the most heavily soiled loads.
The WD rack conveyor machine ICS+ with PRM is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Pre-rinse machine

The pre-rinse machine PRM Green for rack conveyor machines and hood-type machines totally eliminates the need for manual pre-rinsing by using overflow drain water from the dishwasher.

The PRM Green dramatically reduces the water, detergent and energy consumption while the working environment is improved with less water splashing and no repetitive manual pre-rinsing movements for your staff.

Heat recovery system for hood-type machines

Save energy with our heat recovery system Green for hood-type machines. The condensing unit significantly improves the room climate, at the same time saving energy. The heat exchanger efficiently recovers the heat in used wash water and brings back the energy into the machine. Both products can be used at the same time giving a total saving of up to 41%.

Intelligent control system for rack conveyor machines

ICS+ for rack conveyor machines is a patented technique that gives exceptionally low operating costs and reduces the environmental impact. The intelligent control system has some giant advantages compared to other machines on the market:

  • No empty spaces washed, empty space elimination (ESE)
  • Optimised rinsing water consumption, constant rinse time (CRT) – only 1.5l of rinsing water per basket regardless of capacity
  • Optimum use of rinsing water, double transport system (DTS) with unique double feed

Granule machines with spinning technology

Our granule machines have a unique spinning technology inside for exceptional water savings and drying without heat using centrifugation for outstanding energy savings.

Take control over the entire process and secure your green ambition with Wexiödisk WEB Tool. Using a web browser you create water and electricity consumption reports from the machines to ensure optimal working performance.

Single-tank dishwashing machines

Our model WD-4 is a robust under-counter dishwasher for small but demanding kitchen environments. We also offer dishwashing machines such as the WD-6, a traditional hood dishwashing machine with a number of innovative features ideal for small and medium-sized restaurants, and the adjustable WD-7 for normal and heavily soiled loads. Automatic hood opening and closing is available for even smoother operation.


A robust, reliable and efficient pot-washing machine, the WD-12GHE has an automatic hood lift and can also be set to wash normal dishware.

The unique spinning technology in our granule machines makes it possible to reduce water and energy consumption to a minimum. The WD-90GR Flex, which uses granules, is a compact, easily positioned machine for the most heavily soiled dishware, designed for small and medium-sized kitchens.

The WD-100GR, a pass-through granule potwasher, is suitable for the most heavily soiled loads. A complete system with a through-feed hygienic barrier gives this model a large capacity and high levels of hygiene and ergonomics.

Rack conveyor dishwashing machines

Wexiödisk’s range of rack conveyor machines includes small models such as the WD-11 for use when the capacity of the main dishwasher is not sufficient, and the WD-153/423, one of our most environmentally friendly and cost-effective dishwashers. The ingenious intelligent control system (ICS+) results in exceptionally low operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental impact.

We also offer a complete range of reliable and cost-effective rack conveyor machines with Wexiödisk’s unique, flexible feed system, as well as the PRM to replace the manual pre-rinse, which saves energy and money by using excess water from the dishwasher. A range of efficient drying zones to suit changing requirements is also available.