Lemi Group was founded in 1989 thanks to the initiative of its charter members; the Lemi brand has been acquiring more and more importance since then, with the company going from strength to strength, especially at the international level.

Functionality, Italian elegant design and quality enabled Lemi to manufacture multi-sensorial cabins, beds, stools, trolleys, multifunction couches and state-of-the-art accessories, which are a model for beauty, spa, podology and medical sectors.

Functionality, design and innovation

Lemi Group tries constantly to work out easy and efficient solutions. Its professional equipment is conceived in every detail both in its visible and hidden parts, combining functionality and style, achieving the maximum comfort for the user.

Thanks to its complete management of production, Lemi Group can offer a wide range of massage equipment created to satisfy different needs. The internal manufacture of upholsteries, for instance, enables the company to produce every single article in more than 50 colours.

The Pedi Spa is the complete center for spa manicure and spa pedicure.
The Aemotio Spa is the new frontier of wellness.
Feeling glam with the allure of water: pure and essential for life.
The Spa Dream makes the dream of wellness become reality.
The Centrun: because design, like wellness, is precious.

The company has its own smothery provided with state-of-the art machinery. These elements contribute to make Lemi products unique and inimitable both in design and functionality, in spite of several attempts to copy them.

Aemotio spa

Aemotio Spa is the latest generation multifunction cabin that incorporates the most modern treatment techniques in a unique design. A glimpse of the future is captured in this innovative and revolutionary spa product.

Water and light come together to surround the senses, providing moments of intense pleasure. Such moments of unforgettable relaxation and exclusive aesthetic results are to be experienced by both the body and the mind.

Chromo-therapy, vapor baths, infra-red rays, and Vichy showers are just a taste of this voyage of infinite emotions into a world that must be explored, discovered and lived.

Spa dream – chromo-therapy and water mattress spa table

Spa Dream is the innovative bed with water mattress and chromo-therapy that enhances the effectiveness of massages and professional treatments by combining the charm of natural elements with their innate therapeutic value.

Spa Dream’s modern and versatile design can exist in natural harmony in refined and elegant settings as well as in linear and relaxed ones.

Spa Dream creates an atmosphere of intense living, where one can abandon himself completely in the warm embrace of water and in the seduction of light. This is a holistic journey that leads the senses to satisfying moments of relaxation.

Centrun – spa enhancing treatment

The essence of design becomes the centerpiece of the spa.

When experience merged with talent and passion fused with creativity, the result was Centrun. It is the perfect synthesis of functionality and design, and its pure elegance is enough to enhance any spa.

Thus, face, body and massage treatments become a total experience. The evocative ambiance nourishes the mind, while the hands of the specialist take care of the body.