Aemotio Spa Presents its New Spa Cabin

The dream for wellness can be fulfilled also in a Spa cabin with fewer options. Known and appreciated for being a true system of business, which triples the yield of a normal spa cabin, Aemotio Spa presents its new version.

This version derives from a deep analysis of the market needs, which shows that sometimes customers do not need to have at their disposal all functions to be satisfied of treatments.

Aemotio Spa usually offers eight functions (wet table with heated water mattress, Vichy shower massage, steam bath with aromatherapy, infrared, chromotherapy, vibromassage with water and foam) and three complete spa packages: Aemotio Thalasso helps the rediscovery of beauty and perfect harmony through water, the most ancient and natural element, Aemotio Slim facilitates slimming processes, while Tropical Aemotio is a true polysensorial wellness journey.

The multifunctional cabin conceived by Simone Micheli will show now its light side in the basic version without Vichy shower and infrared.

In reality, Aemotio Spa will not lose all its competitive benefits. A manager facing difficulties with available space will be able to solve the dilemma of a complete menu of treatments and services by means of a single working tool.

Aemotio Spa remains one of the most flexible tools on the wellness market, conceived to comply with style requests coming from designers and architects. The covering of this thermal cabin is made from Dibond, a composite panel made from a polyethylene core situated within two, thin layers of aluminum (0.3mm); this structure is very flexible and can be folded with extreme precision.

Therefore, designers have the chance and the freedom to build their ideal environment around this element, a cabin in line with the desired style and the message implied in the artistic structure of the wellness centre.

The material used for the covering of Aemotio Spa is available with different finishes, from a mirror-like surface, to anodised, steel, or gold surface; it is also the perfect base for any type of silk-screen printing, or high definition photographs, or for use with sprays and auto-adhesive films.

To sum up, Aemotio Spa could have been conceived with the same innovative functions, but without any chance to be customised or with only a few fixed, pre-arranged options. On the contrary, it can be considered as a true bridge between style and functionality. It is the new path to be taken because the market demands it, customers notice it and they may also notice a lack of true synthesis between wellness space and wellness tools.

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