Lemi Group Introduces Lemi Magazine

The 20th anniversary of Lemi Group is a core moment in the history of our company. It symbolises the success achieved in Italy and Europe that, in turn, provides evidence of the quality and style of our products.

New marketing tools have been developed to enhance the corporate image. They include a new internet site, which is available in four languages, rich in details about our services and top customers and characterised by a modern and appealing design. Through this dynamic tool visitors are able to interact with us by downloading product brochures and cabin layouts.

However, the most important innovation is Lemi Magazine, the company magazine dedicated to final customers as well as designers and architects, which expresses our true spa philosophy. This philosophy is not based solely on the production and sale of spa equipment, but also takes into account support in spa planning, which is the key element to starting a successful spa. It involves the designer during the planning stage and influences space distribution, as well as the choice of equipment.

Thus the creation of Lemi Magazine has been a real challenge, because we aimed to distance ourselves from the usual trade magazines, which are focused on advertisements. We wanted to include various articles, each one describing a different subject, but all connected by the common thread of spa and wellness and presenting Lemi as the ideal partner to offer complete support in spa planning for designers and wellness professionals.

The three columns – called The Big One, The New One and Best Project – mainly concern the architectural dimension. In them we present three projects centred on spa design, which describe how spa planning is carried out. The columns can be about every type of spa architecture, including hotels, resorts and urban and day spas. They are meant to be a source of innovation and inspiration.

Lemi plays an important role in this field. Thanks to its technical know-how it can convey a message to the architect regarding how his/her creativity should be applied and helps define the costs that can be sustained during construction of the facility.

Another essential element of spa planning is the choice of equipment, because it is important to guarantee customers high quality and comfort during treatments. This is the underlying reason for the column Showroom, a space dedicated to showcasing our product lines and the top customers who have already chosen Lemi. A good choice of equipment strongly influences the entire spa’s chances of success.

A core element of the publication is called Profit Design, a specialised section in which readers can find useful technical information about the profitable design of the cabins that characterise a spa. Profit spa design is a theory stating that it is fundamental to reconcile exclusive architectural solutions with excellent service, without sacrificing profits. Therefore the success of a spa is determined by its planning and cooperation between designers and architect is essential.

Alongside the technical and practical information, Lemi Magazine features interviews with our best partners, those who have been working with us since the beginning of Lemi’s history and can discuss their working relationship with us. There are also articles focused on single equipment (such as the world-famous Aemotio Spa) and stories that show we are not only bound to what we have done, but also determined to keep growing.

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