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Electronic Signage Solution for Meeting Rooms and Wayfinding

Novicom offers a complete digital signage solution with automated wayfinding for the hospitality and conference business.

Smedeland 38,
2600 Glostrup,

Novicom offers a complete digital signage solution with automated wayfinding for the hospitality industry.

The Novicom system encompasses both software and hardware with the capability to run on several monitors or more than 100 screens. Its screen layout is aligned with brand guidelines and has an optional module that allows it to interact with property management systems (PMS).

Signage to improve customer experience

The system is designed to deploy dynamic up-to-date information. This may include the company logo, conference room details, wayfinding icons, advertisements, branding or valuable guest information (such as parking instructions).

Up-to-date information will help to improve customer experience, generate revenue, upsell services and improve brand awareness.

User-friendly interface for hotel staff

Our flexible digital signage solution allows users to easily update the content of their displays from any location on site.

This facilitates updates to daily schedules or other information and data can easily be complemented with images and videos. For flexible scheduling, media can be combined and scheduled several months or years in advance.

Each display can be configured and scheduled individually to suit the needs of your site. For large installations, displays can be grouped to easily display content to a specific area.

Wall monitors for digital media displays

The Novicom software system can be combined with architectural design monitors. It will run on both Novicom monitors and traditional, non-Novicom monitors.

Our NoviFlat and NoviWall monitors are based on Scandinavian design and all technical components, such as brackets and cables, are hidden behind glass and aluminium casing for a neat, sleek aesthetic.

A wide variety of display formats can be supported as the system is based on the latest HTML 5 standards. Video playback is supported in MP4, a format widely used online by HTML 5, and many mobile platforms.

Novicom is a web-based system, so users can update content from any computer with internet access. It is available as a Cloud-hosted solution or can be installed on a local server.

About Novicom

Novicom A/S was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Glostrup, Denmark.

We are a global provider of dynamic signage solutions for modern educational institutions, the hospitality industry and corporate companies, as well as governmental and other public institutes.

Our focus has always been on providing first-class products and service to our customers, and we aim to develop and deliver workplace solutions that improve the way people work and manage their office space.

Today our clients range from large international blue-chip brands to smaller local or regional businesses.