Inspiring, unusual, adaptable: Tafelstern, the international porcelain brand for the ambitious premium gastronomy and hotel segment, is dedicated to enriching contemporary table culture. This premium quality and exquisitely designed hard porcelain, made in Germany, is at home throughout the world. Uncompromising quality, constant new inspirations for the world of set tables and outstanding service are the foundations on which Tafelstern’s success is built.

Professional porcelain for hotels

Tafelstern is an independent brand of BHS Tabletop, the world leader in professional porcelain with around 150 years of expertise in the manufacture of porcelain. Tafelstern stands for porcelain pieces that spectacularly celebrate the pleasures of dining and designs that play a restrained role in the perfect presentation of the colourful harmonies of pasta with salsa. Tafelstern provides the ingredients for perfectly matching presentations every time with a unique modular system.

Porcelain sets for hotels and restaurants

A glance at the rims of the plates of the new Contour porcelain collection immediately reveals the gently quilted surface of the classic, formally minimised pieces. A further look, beyond the edges of the angular and rounded plate rims, reveals the wide variety of combination options offered by this collection.

This unique, modular system from Tafelstern was designed with precisely this in mind, and this latest collection is the best example of how the form and variety of the pieces can establish creative scope for quite extraordinary arrangements.

Quadratic plates and a quadratic bowl enter into a dialogue with rectangular platters. The gently moulded outer edges help to make serving a pleasure.
Contour celebrates the peaceful coexistence of masculine and feminine attributes. The rims of the deep plates give the quilting a particularly large amount of room.
Anyone planning to present various food trends on a single stage must not necessarily invest enormous effort. With only seven angular pieces from the Contour collection, anyone can orchestrate the enormous diversity of current trends.
The combination of angular and rounded plates exploits the fascinating relationship between opposite poles. The characteristic quilting creates bonds of creative similarity.
The day begins with fresh vitality and forms that awaken a zest for action. The classic cups make a clear statement, while the easy grip of their handles ensures untroubled enjoyment of coffee.

Fine porcelain dinnerware

The design of the Contour porcelain collection was inspired by the innovative manipulation of materials and the fascination of the world of textiles. The designer found inspiration in the fashion world, taking the intrinsic love of detail and tailor-like perfection and adapting these to create fine porcelain. This resulted in surface textures reminiscent of quilted seams that, with their delicate materiality, stand in contrast to the classical, stringent forms. Their texture, as if quilted, is an irresistible invitation to touch.

Rounded and angular porcelain plates

The combination of rounded and angular forms that distinguishes the collection exploits the exciting interaction and attraction of opposites, while the characteristic quilting establishes creative relationships.

The enormous variety within the collection allows individual accents to be set, with flamboyant design statements here or restrained elements there, thus emphasising either traditional warmth or cosmopolitan flair.

Porcelain coffee cups and breakfast plates for hotels

Let the day begin with renewed vitality and refreshing forms that awaken a zest for activity. The classic cups make a clear statement, while the easy grip of their handles ensures untroubled enjoyment of coffee. They are available in both low and high forms and also in different sizes. The combination with angular espresso and combi-saucers frees the imagination for new ideas, with round or angular breakfast plates as a further option.

Porcelain plates and bowls for hotel restaurants

Anyone seeking wider scope for the fulfilment of culinary ideas need look no further than the round, flat plates with intentionally generously proportioned centres. The deep, round plates play a particular role as distinctive plates for side dishes. Soup bowls and bowls maintain an emphatically feminine style with distinctly rounded forms. Their delicate feet, however, preserve their elegant appearance. The angular platters and plates reveal the characteristic quilted theme of the collection in varying forms and offer a perfect panoramic vista for creative cuisine. The gently moulded outer edges help to make serving a pleasure. With only eight angular pieces, anyone can orchestrate the enormous and colourful diversity of current trends or serve a complete menu.

This fusion of elegance and robust practicality makes the Contour porcelain collection a perfect companion for any table, at any time, and an ideal choice for banquets.