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Financial Planning, Controlling and Reporting Solutions for Hotels

Fairmas is a Germany-based company that develops online solutions for financial planning, controlling, management reporting and daily benchmarking for the hospitality industry.

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Fairmas is a Germany-based company that develops online solutions for financial planning, controlling, management reporting and daily benchmarking for the hospitality industry.

Our software is compatible with any hotel’s IT infrastructure and works well with all major property management systems (PMS), accounting systems and document management systems.

There are currently 4,000 hotels worldwide using Fairmas’ software solutions, from global hotel chains to leisure and privately owned hotels. Experienced executives secure industry knowledge while a team of 50 hotel and IT specialists ensures the creative solutions of tailor-made software products.

Hotel financial business intelligence systems

Fairmas’ FairPlanner is an online business intelligence (BI) profit and loss (P&L) planning and controlling solution that can help create transparent budgets and forecasts.

It enables hotels to efficiently plan revenue and cost based on a flexible chart of accounts framework. It improves transparency and increases planning security with an integrated management reporting system.

FairPlanner’s overview dashboard gives a clear view of hotel performance. The comprehensive planning scenarios include Budget, Forecast and What-if.

The solution standardises the entire planning and reporting process to save time and money. More than 70 interfaces of different PMS, enterprise resource planning (ERP), destination management systems (DMS), revenue management system (RMS), and benchmarking hotel systems offer a 360° insight into your hotel’s performance.

FairPlanner is compatible with multiple languages and currencies and the intuitive menu with commentary function secures fast incorporation and improves collaboration.

Revenue monitoring software for hotels

PickupTracking monitors the daily business account performance and changes up to 365 days in advance by market segment.

It provides all the updated key performance indicators (KPIs) and other necessary evaluations for the profit-oriented hotel room rental in just one click.

The Pace Analysis examines the development of demand and booking behaviour for a specific period or point in time, giving information on how many guests make an advanced room booking for a specific day or event. Therefore, PickupTracking improves forecasting accuracy and helps clients to successfully enforce their hotels’ rate strategies.

The solution is also available for mobile, with the Pickup Tracking App giving a fast overview of daily reservation while on the go. It is an additional information tool to increase transparency for all decision-makers and reduce the risk of misjudgment.

Revenue planning and controlling for the hospitality industry

Fairmas’ Advanced Revenue Planner offers full flexibility in planning and controlling revenues. The user can easily switch from daily to monthly planning, automatically distribute monthly values to individual days, and decide whether to plan the pickup or absolute values. The programme can be run by itself or as a module integrated into FairPlanner.

The Advanced Revenue Planner users can decide whether to plan the rooms department, food and beverage or another revenue centre by selecting the right market segmentation level according to individual requirements. Users can apply detailed segmentation from their own PMS or use a separate grouping of hotel segments (such as their own customised group) for revenue planning and control. This gives full flexibility in the level of detail of planning.

The Advanced Revenue Planner receives all relevant actual and on-the-books data automatically and daily updates via interfaces from the PMS. It can also connect to the user’s RMS for the integration of demand forecast data.

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