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Specialist Electrical Switches and Control Systems

JUNG is a specialist in electrical switches and control systems. The company was founded in 1912 in Schalksmühle, Germany, and established itself as under the motto 'progress as tradition'.

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JUNG is a specialist in electrical switches and control systems. The company was founded in 1912 in Schalksmühle, Germany, and established itself as under the motto ‘progress as tradition’.

Electrical system design and technology for hotels

JUNG provides innovative and future-proof electrical installations to ensure greater convenience for guests and efficiency for hotel operators.

The company offers sophisticated systems for controlling light, temperature and shadowing via the smart KNX technology that is used for purposefully networking the building and multimedia features. The components offer high-quality and operator simplicity through their pleasing aesthetic appearance.

JUNG’s components can be designed to match and smoothly incorporate into any area’s architectural concept. For this reason and versatility, JUNG products and systems are used in high-profile hotels over the worldwide.

JUNG’s electric installations for hotels meet the highest of standards.
Architects and planners rely on JUNG’s high-quality designs to realise their electrical concepts, such as the LS 990 in brass.
The SmartPilot is part of the company’s intelligent KNX system.
JUNG multimedia connections enable guests to enjoy flexible use of electronic devices in hotels rooms.
The right design is available for every ambiance such as the JUNG LS 990, which offers versatility in colours and materials.

Advanced switch solutions in stylish hotels

JUNG offers high-quality metallic options for its switch solutions. The stylish, stainless steel design is used for their electrical installations in first-class hotels such as the Ritz Carlton Bangalore in India, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel in Turkey, the Hilton The Hague Hotel in The Netherlands.

In addition, other JUNG metallic options with special features include aluminium, anthracite, bright chrome, gold and brass.

A proud JUNG client is the five-star Atlantic Kempinski Hotel Hamburg, Germany. JUNG provided the client with an exclusive switch material to match its elegant venue design, which is steeped in history.

Frames made of genuine glass of the A creation range in pure alpine white and piceous black were used.

The A creation design coherently matches the interior of the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Architects of the futuristic building chose the plastic / aluminium design. JUNG’s LS 990 classic presents a puristic contrast to the extravagant interior of the Hyatt Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The classic square shape of the alpine white switch design sets a level of distinction.

Smart technology for convenient environment control

JUNG’s KNX system provides diverse and convenient possibilities for building control throughout the entire venue. This sophisticated system is installed at the historic and elegant Palace Merano hotel in Italy.

KNX modern technology fulfils the expectations of both guests and hoteliers.

This is also in place in the impressive Hotel W Barcelona in Spain, where control of the building environment technology is effectively and conveniently implemented with JUNG’s smart solutions.

The KNX system makes it possible for the hotel’s technical functions to be monitored and controlled from one central unit, for example, the reception can set any desired temperature in the hotel room before guests arrive.

Hotels’ property management systems (PMS) can also be integrated into the JUNG KNX system problem-free, to further ease the processes for reception personnel, and offer benefits in terms of overview and control.

Furthermore, KNX allows more flexibility and convenience in every room, whether in the hotel areas that are open to the public or the guest rooms themselves. It connects the control of room functions with multimedia and music.

Another example of modern technology is used in the Santos Porta Fira hotel in Spain. Hotel room lighting and curtain control is carried out with the relay station in the 24V system called the JUNG Bus.

Complete scenes can also be controlled via switch sensors according to your mood, with options for sleeping, reading, working or watching television. The ‘Central on/off’ function can be simply regulated via a switch sensor next to the bed. In addition, the use of hotel key card switches optimises the energy usage in rooms and suites both economically and conveniently.

About JUNG

JUNG’s focus is first and foremost on producing a variety of high-quality products in order to meet the demands of the market.

The company’s declared goal is to offer customers worldwide a large range of progressive devices and systems, which set standards with their technology, quality ease-of-use and design.

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