Externus lighting

Exterus Lightology / Neuborgh is an innovative manufacturer of lighting products and solutions, covering areas such as hospitality, commercial and residential lighting.

Exterus never compromises when it comes to the quality of light and has partnered with Xicato, the supplier of professional LED lighting, to ensure that all of the company’s products are high-quality with colour consistency, uniformity and lumen maintenance.

Lighting solutions for hospitality companies

Exterus Lightology offers lighting fixtures and solutions for the different areas of your hotel.

Linear lines used for entrance or corridor lighting.
Unilite is an adjustable down light with choice of three beam angles, six light qualities, three colour temperatures and lumen outputs of up to 5,000 lumens.
Linear IP 67 LED lines are provided for architectural lighting.
Lighting profiles and LED lines can be customised.
High-efficiency lighting with visual comfort is offered for each application.
Small IP44 red, green, blue and white LED down light is used for colour therapy in spa areas or guest bathrooms.

Lobby and reception area are the business cards of a hotel, requiring bright and inviting enviroments. Conference rooms and facilities need flexible lighting, as they have multiple functions and styles. Corridors require conformity to match the hotel’s standards and rooms, making guests feel comfortable and at home.

Lighting is a crucial factor of achieving the ideal guest experience. Exterus helps clients create a variety of ambiances and lighting scenes, while striking a balance between quality, sustainability, visual comfort and energy-efficiency.

High-quality, energy-efficient light sources

As a Xicato partner, Exterus Lightology offers luminaries with the finest LED components on the market.

Key features of Exterus’ Xicato luminary range include:

  • 50,000 hours life, offering a five-year colour consistency and lumen maintenance warranty
  • Perfect binning at <1×2 MacAdam ellipse
  • Color consistency of < 1×2 MacAdam ellipse
  • High-efficacy lumen output of up to 129 lumens per watt (l/W)
  • High and stable colour rendering, up to CRI95
  • Vibrancy: GAI index 111(120) available
  • Replacement for halogen and metal halide lamps
  • High-efficiency LED drivers

Lighting concepts for hospitality applications

From hospitality to retail, the light quality for each product is crucial to the sucess of the project.

To support this, Exterus Lightology offers every fixture in a broad range of configurations, that include:

  • Light quality, for example, the standard series offers a CRI >80, the Artist series has a CRI +95, Vibrant series has a CRI >80 and a GAI index of 111, and the Vibrant / Artist version CRI +95 with GAI index of 120
  • Lumen output, each light can be obtained in an output range from 700 lumens to 4,000 lumens
  • Colour temperatures of 2,700 Kelvin, 3,000 Kelvin and 4,000 Kelvin
  • Beam angles such as down light

With the combination of quality, output, temperatures and beam angles, Exterus Lightology offers light fixtures in more than 400 configurations.

Custom luminary design

Exterus Lightology is a Belgium-based lighting manufacturer. Through its own development and production facilities, the company is able to provide custom lighting solutions for retail and hospitality projects.

Exterus Lightology’s structure enables the company to create a lighting solution and supply products with a short turnaround time. The custom luminary designs also are covered by a five-year warranty.