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ionator EXP™ - Chemical-Free Cleaning for Hotels

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Activeion is a privately held cleaning technology company created to revolutionise the cleaning industry through its advanced cleaning technologies and products. Activeion has repurposed and miniaturised the technologies of water electrolysis and electroporation for its revolutionary ionator EXP™ hand-held chemical-free cleaning device.

Once charged, you simply fill the ionator’s reservoir with regular tap water, nothing else. When the trigger is pressed, water is pumped through a cell that applies a small electrical charge, ionising the water, then through an ion-exchange membrane that separates it into an oxygen-rich mixture of positively and negatively charged nano-bubbles. The temporarily ionised water breaks down dirt from most surfaces, replacing many general-purpose chemical cleaners, and returns to being normal tap water after 45 seconds. In addition, the Activeion ionised water also destroys eight harmful bacteria (such as Listeria, E. Coli, Staph), and the H1N1 virus.

Chemical-free cleaning for hotels

Activeion™ cleaning technology converts tap water into ionised water, a powerful dirt-removing, bacteria-killing agent. It is an on-demand, on-the-go, easy and simple way to clean that works as well as, or better than, traditional methods. Activeion technology is also one of the only ways to clean that does not require a chemical-related health warning label.

For decades, a form of the technology has been used in special labs and large machines costing thousands of dollars. Activeion Cleaning Solutions has simply adapted that technology specifically for on-demand cleaning, miniaturised it, and made it affordable for everyone, everywhere.  

Activeion's ionator EXP™ - chemical-free cleaning for your hotel.
Activeion's ionator EXP™ at work in hotel rooms.
Clean and kill germs in your hotel’s common areas.
Making sure everything in your hotel is cleaned to the highest standards.

With just a faucet and products powered by Activeion cleaning technology, hotel housekeepers have a virtually endless supply of cleaner – with little-to-no ongoing cost. Activeion technology kills more than 99.9% of harmful germs when used as directed.

Sustainable cleaning for hotels

The ionator’s cleaning results have been proven by laboratories following the internationally recognised Good Practice Standards. An independent laboratory certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency performed testing on the ionator for bacteria and virus kill, and confirmed its efficacy.

The University of Tennessee / Ecoform found that compared with chemical cleaners, the use of Activeion technology reduces energy consumption and pollution between 97% and 100% across seven key indicators of environmental sustainability: energy, greenhouse warming gases, ozone, smog, acid, eutrophication and particulate.

Activeion has also received the highest possible safety profile by TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute), Surface Solutions Laboratory, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US.

Food-safe, chemical-free cleaning

In addition to having won over 20 different international awards and recognitions, several obtained in the hospitality sector, Activeion has also obtained certification from the HACCP and NSF organisations proving its safety in food and beverage environments.

Hand-held chemical-free cleaning device for hotels

In addition to helping hotels increase safety for their employees and guests and maintain the high levels of cleanliness required in the industry, Activeion has already helped numerous organisations and businesses dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals used – chemicals which are harmful to the climate and environment.

Impact includes: major reduction in the quantity of chemicals toxic to human beings dispersed in workplaces during cleaning, education in use of oil-derived cleaning chemicals, reduction in quantity of pathogens on surfaces in kitchens, washrooms tables, office furniture and equipment, medical work surfaces, etc., where the ionator EXP™ is used for cleaning, reduction in time required for training, mixing, storing, managing, etc., other chemical products and their usage, reduction in carbon footprint, and reduction in harmful water waste after spray.

Finally, hotels around the globe are also keen to welcome Activeion’s value-added sustainability benefit. As more and more hotels strive to improve their sustainability, Activeion’s chemical-free cleaning solutions present true advantages to those hotels who aim to play their part in providing greener hospitality.

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