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Cloud-Based Hotel Management Technology

Agilysys is a provider of property management and hospitality operations software.

Agilysys offers 35 modern Cloud-native technology solutions to manage front and back of house operations, from point-of-sale to property management and throughout the guest experience.

Guest expectations have changed in recent times. Agilysys provides well-integrated technology to support your initiatives for software-as-service (SaaS) and on-site environments.

Our industry-leading solutions include point-of-sale (POS), property management (PMS), inventory and procurement, document management, analytics and loyalty, as well as a complete suite of mobile and self-service lodging and food and beverage (F&B) applications that complement the modern guest’s experience. Our robust support infrastructure brings reliable, 24×7 service, precisely when hospitality professionals need it most.

Modular Cloud property management technology for hotels

POS and PMS serve as the foundational elements of any hospitality operation. The ability of a modern application programming interface (API) connected ecosystem to service guest and business needs is limited by the functionality of your core systems. They need to be robust to support potential future requirements without needing you to completely restart the process.

The fundamental premise of hospitality, to create memorable experiences for our guests, will not change. What will change is the context and method in which those experiences will be created, with rapid innovation at scale. This requires a modern ecosystem that is robust, modular and evolving to your changing needs. Agilysys has more than 1,000 development resources focused on staying ahead of the innovation curve, providing tools to make your staff efficient and your guests feel satisfied.

Machine learning-based hotel guest profile

Using unique profile services that gather clear and implied guest preferences data in real-time, Agilysys empowers hotel staff to deliver personalised engagements, which lead to improved revenue growth, guest loyalty and operational efficiencies.

This is similar to how web browsers uniquely identify you as you browse the internet.  Hoteliers want to know guests, segment them, personalise marketing and operations with the gathered information. The best part is you own this guest data. We do not share the data outside of your enterprise and you always retain ownership of your guests.

Professional and technical services for hoteliers

Agilysys takes complete ownership of delivering your desired end state. ​We do not outsource training and implementation. Doing implementation and training correctly is crucial to long-term success and we use our own resources for this purpose to ensure quality and, more importantly, take accountability.

Unique among hospitality providers, we also have a dedicated team of technical services engineers who can help enhance and customise Agilysys products if required, providing a unique competitive edge. It is also important to note that we support these custom solutions just like any other product ensuring you are covered in the future.

Customised software for hotel management

Agilysys is a hospitality technology company, exclusively. We view ourselves as being part of the industry, not simply an industry vendor.​ Having created the most comprehensive suite of modern Cloud-native and on-site solutions available today from a single company, Agilysys enables hotels and resorts to uniquely curate their desired guest experience, as well as run operations efficiently.​

If technology can help enable the guest experience that our customers are trying to deliver or has a place in making operations more efficient and profitable, Agilysys will likely provide a solution or make available our robust APIs to give our customers choice.​

Our product strategy is driven by understanding the guest and employee journey across multiple property types, as well as identifying the guest’s interaction points and how technology can play a role to empower staff and guests. We can drive our product and feature development decisions​.

Customer-centric product development

Hospitality businesses are global, 24/7 operations with complex technology demands. We are not just about providing a responsive help desk, but also about listening to customers and providing the products and features they require to run their business.

Agilysys is committed to providing responsive service and results-oriented support. Our Customer Care programme connects you with all the resources of the Agilysys team, from software updates and technical expertise to customised solutions. We are here to ensure that your Agilysys installations add optimal value to your operations.

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