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Scanning Solutions and Data Capture for Identification and Information Recording

TTI Technologies develops technologies to support hotel and hospitality companies in operating the efficient and productive services.

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TTI Technologies develops technologies to support hotel and hospitality companies in operating the efficient and productive services. Businesses can use modern, reliable solutions to improve guest check-in, operational efficiencies, and protect themselves from false chargeback claims and personal identification.

Instant data capture software for property management

TTI Technologies offers customers its Scan2PMS software to instantly capture genuine guest data from driver’s licenses, passports and IDs.

Scan2PMS uses optical character recognition (OCR) to capture relevant data from IDs and record it in separate fields of a property management system (PMS). For extra security or identification purposes, a digital copy of the whole ID or holder’s photo can be taken.

TTI Technologies has developed scanner devices that are designed specifically for hospitality businesses and are compatible with many of the top property management systems.
Scan2PMS scans any passports or identification to accurately copy and validate the information.
A digital image of the entire ID or the facial photo can be extracted for faster recognition.
Scan2PMS is compatible with a wide range of scanner types and property management systems.
Scanning and storing image-based information eliminates the need for photocopies.
TTI provides scanners for single or two-sided driver licences with barcode reading, combination licence / passport scanner or ID authentication.
Information can be stored for fast guest check-in, easy identification and future marketing purposes.

Scan2PMS is a customisable tool that can be integrated with third-party applications, including the majority of existing PMSs. The software is trusted in hotels worldwide, as well as other hospitality and leisure businesses, such as nightclubs, schools, and the New York police department.

Streamline hotel operations

TTI Technologies’ Scan2PMS tool has many benefits for businesses, including:

  • Reduced check-in times and enhanced guest services
  • Retention of accurate guest information for marketing uses
  • Elimination of photocopies
  • Easy provision of information to government agencies

Secure, accurate identification software

TTI Technologies’ Scan2PMS offers businesses a way to improve the accuracy and security of the data captured. ID cards and passports are automatically authenticated, to ensure they are genuine and valid and genuine.

Administration time can be saved by reduced paperwork, and chargebacks are prevented as captured guest images provide their proof of stay. The images can also be used to easily and reliably identify guests who misplace their identification.

Customisable data capture systems

Scan2PMS is compatible with many PMS systems, including the world’s top brands. However, if the software does not work with a customer’s current PMS, TTI Technologies offers a bespoke interface-building service to bridge the gap.

Scanners for recording information and identification

Scan2PMS software is designed to work with a variety of scanner types. TTI Technologies supplies customers with the suitable scanner for their business needs, whether it requires a driving license copy, a two-sided driving license with barcode reading, a combination of driving license and passport scanner, or simply ID authentication.

TTI Technologies’ scanners are compact, portable and easily incorporated into an existing administration set-up.

About TTI Technologies

Since it was founded in 1991, TTI Technologies has been supplying technology solutions to industries such as hotels and hospitality, retailers, airports and many more. The company is headquartered in New York, US, and has a network of offices worldwide to deliver its high-quality, effective services.

TTI is focused on success and helping customers to achieve their goals, which is demonstrated by the company’s flexible approach and responsive service.

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