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Integrators of Apple-Based In-Room Technology and WiFi Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

RoomNetTV implements solutions that help hotels stand out from the crowd by offering guests a truly unique home-from-home in-room entertainment experience, promoting enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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RoomNetTV implements solutions that help hotels stand out from the crowd by offering guests a truly unique home-from-home in-room entertainment experience, promoting enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty.

The company’s clients range from large multinational hotel chains to smaller, boutique five-star hotels, and its experience is gained from many years of supplying Apple in-room solutions to hotels worldwide.

Apple TV and RNTV Cloud in hotel guest rooms

RoomNetTV’s latest solution is the RNTV Cloud, which allows hotels to adopt Apple TV in their guest rooms in a secure private network integrated to the high-speed internet access (HSIA) and property management systems (PMS).

RNTV Cloud enables hotel guests to securely stream their own content, games and apps to their in-room Apple TV.
RoomNetTV's VLAN-on-demand lets hotel guests enjoy watching movies and iTunes DRM-protected content through a private connection to their Apple TV.
RoomNetTV’s Mac mini IPTV solution provides the functionality of an Apple computer so hotel guests can access TV, internet, music, on-demand content and guest services.
Create a business centre using the latest Apple Mac computers and software, so guests can create, save, print and send documents, use the internet, webmail, Skype, or upload photographs.

Guests can natively stream their content, including Apple DRM-protected content, mirror their apps for gaming, surf the internet and more, without fear of accidentally streaming to another guests’ television.

RoomNetTV specialises in Mac-based IPTV, Apple TV, iMac business centre kiosks and Ruckus WiFi infrastructure. All hospitality solutions can be backed-up with 24/7/365 remote and telephone support, including optional guest support.

Stream iTunes protected content to an Apple TV

While iPhones, iPads and Android devices are mobile, they’re still very small and can’t compete with watching a movie on a large LCD screen.

Enable your guests to stream their content wirelessly to their hotel room TV, easily and in HD quality.

iTunes is the largest content library in the world and is consumed by more users than any other platform available today, but no other hospitality solution offers guests playback of iTunes DRM-protected content.

On-demand connection to a single room

RoomNetTV’s RNTV VLAN-on-demand solution enables single room connection and streaming.

Apple TV is the only way of streaming iTunes DRM-protected content to a TV. It is also the easiest way of connecting, using Apple’s ‘two touch’ Airplay functionality.

However, the functionality announces itself across the network so that the Apple TVs in every room would attempt to connect. By installing RoomNetTV’s cloud-based technology, every hotel room’s VLAN remains private and cannot be viewed beyond it.

RNTV VLAN-on-demand connects seamlessly via the HSIA gateway and PMS to issue credentials for the duration of the guest’s stay; these are terminated on check-out, so they can no longer access the Apple TV.

RNTV VLAN-on-demand technology has been designed by RoomNetTV and is the key to successful Apple TV in-room integration. It even handles room changes.

Adaptable and flexible Mac IPTV

Hotels requiring the best in-room experience should look no further than RoomNetTV’s Mac mini IPTV solution.

Every Mac mini has full HD (and beyond) display capabilities, a huge range of third party applications so can be customised to individual preferences and standards.

Mac IPTV acts as an Apple computer, allowing guests to watch TV, surf the internet, listen to music, watch on-demand content, plus access facilities such as room service, billing and housekeeping, in addition to a range of software applications.

Guests can also play their own content and connect to the communication tools and social media they use with daily, such as Skype, iMessage, Webmail, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Hotels can even interact with their guests directly.

The entire solution is managed via a content management system (CMS). Rooms can be grouped together by conference attendance, nationality and more by setting up different channel line-ups and channel priorities.

Hotel business centre kiosks

Macs can be used for both business and leisure as they offer guests the complete range of functionality offered by Apple. The latest Apple Mac computers and software allow hotels to create a business centre with the best in modern technology.

Business Centre Kiosk software is installed on the Mac alongside the Mac OS X operating system, so that each guest is greeted with a fully branded log-in screen with a simple user-focused design.

From here, the user can choose to:

  • Access the internet
  • Use Microsoft Office
  • Run Mac OS X or Windows through virtualisation
  • Play with the iLife suite of applications
  • Print
  • Play games
  • Charge their iPhone / iPod through one of the USB ports

User data is erased from the hard disk each time they log out, including all files, web cookies, passwords and internet browser history. Every new user is greeted with the same Mac, clear of others’ data, safe and ready to use.

About RoomNetTV

RoomNetTV is the new name for Square [i] International, following a successful management buy-out from its parent company, Square Group Ltd, in June 2014.

Square pioneered Apple TV-based in-room solutions just over two years ago, following four years of supplying its native Mac-based IPTV solutions.

The company reaches customers through its offices in Hertfordshire in the UK and San Clemente, California, in addition to a 24/7 helpdesk centre in Silver Springs, Colorado, US.

Call or email one of the team for a free consultation, or for more information on our solutions and services please complete the enquiry form.

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Products & services

  • Ruckus WiFi Infrastructure

    RoomNetTV's managed gateway services and infrastructure design go beyond traditional hotel HSIA to deliver the access experience that guests have long expected, as it becomes perhaps the most significant and dependent amenity a hotel new offers.

  • iMac Business Centre Kiosk

    Designed as the ultimate computing tool, Macs can be used for both business and pleasure and your guests will have the complete range of functionality offered by Apple at their fingertips.

  • Apple TV and RNTV Cloud

    Give your guests the capability to stream their content wirelessly to the TV in the hotel room, easily and in HD quality.

  • Mac IPTV

    Gain the very best in-room experience with RoomNetTV's Mac mini IPTV solution.

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