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Passport and ID Scanners with Data Transfer to Hotel PMS

Our passport and ID scanners provide faster and safer check-in, interfaced with more than 100 hotel PMS globally.


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AdriaScan’s solutions are specifically designed to scan, read and transfer data from personal and travel documents into various business applications during the hotel registration process.

As accurate data are more important than ever, identity (ID) scanners are becoming a standard operating tool for every client registration process.

Digitally transforming the hospitality industry

Whether you want to expedite your check-in process while digitalising and securely storing guest data to hotel PMS or simply need to comply with local legislation and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as a pioneer in document scanning, AdriaScan offers much more than just a piece of hardware.

Our company has been continuously working for more than 15 years providing integrated data capture solutions to meet challenges posed to hoteliers and the travel industry in general.

Step one is a quick and easy guest check-in.
Step two is recording accurate guest details.
Step three is data storage in guest profiles.
AdriaScan passport scanners transfer data to the hotel’s property management system.
Our products scan, read and transfer data from personal and travel documents.
ID scanners are ideal for avoiding paperwork while ensuring compliance with GDPR.
AdriaScan products streamline the check-in experience with automatic digital data transfer.
Our software is compatible with most passport scanners.

Accurate and fast hotel guest check-in

ID scanners are a game-changer in digital transformation. They help hoteliers avoid paper clusters, human error, and fake documents while ensuring adherence to data protection and GDPR.

AdriaScan provides simple and effective tools that revolutionise the traditional check-in process, all while leaving more time to focus on guest experience and allowing more direct staff-guest interactions.

We strive to constantly improve service to our hospitality clients and increase overall productivity by integrating ID scanners into any hotel PMS.

Passport scanners for hotels

AdriaScan’s passport scanning software enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into the hotel’s PMS within a few seconds.

It reads passports, identity cards and driver licences issued worldwide, enabling hotels to utilise the benefits of the latest technologies in a single click. These include:

  • Reduce guest check-in time
  • Automate data entry
  • Identify your guest: Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation
  • Eliminate false chargeback claims
  • Eliminate photocopying and store digital images
  • Comply with local legislation and be in line with GDPR
  • Improve overall guest’s experience

AdriaScan’s software solutions are designed to work with various passport scanners. Some of world’s renowned brands supported by our system are Thales, Acuant, Fujitsu, ARH and Desko.

Integrating latest technologies with hotel PMS

Engaging with AdriaScan guarantees high-quality software solutions, a carefully selected range of ID scanners, top-quality technical support services and a global availability with every hotel software. It is important to point out that our software does not store the personal data but only serves to transfer the data to the hotel PMS.

The whole world is increasingly stepping into the digital age, especially corporations and large organisations, which means digitalisation is considered a top priority. Such investments inevitably lead to increased productivity, cost reduction and business facilitation.

Hotel ID scanning with fraud prevention

Manipulation of personal documents can be a major challenge for the hotel industry, as fraud can impact the hotel’s image and create unwanted costs. False chargeback claims are the most common example of how individuals try to attempt fraud and get hotel services for free.

As technology advances, fraud in hotels is becoming more sophisticated over time, ranging from stolen credit cards to forged IDs used in committing serious crimes. To additionally protect our customers, we have developed an integrated solution for advanced document authentication during the scanning process.

Global availability

With a global presence and expansion to various vertical markets, an experienced team of enthusiasts and the capability to deliver diversified solutions to any corner of the world, AdriaScan is recognised as a reliable service provider for ID scanning systems and a trustworthy technology partner.

Our offices on four continents, integration to more than 100 hotel PMS and over 6,000 implemented systems in hotels worldwide are significant but humble invitations to join our growing family.

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