Internet-Based SaaS Solutions for Hotels

9941 West Jessamine Street, Miami, Florida 33157,Other, United States of America

9941 West Jessamine Street, Miami, Florida 33157,Other, United States of America

MTech develops, sells and deploys award-winning SaaS solutions to hoteliers around the globe, including HotSOS, PMWorks and REX, enabling them to provide a better service while working more efficiently.

Using proven technologies, MTech helps hoteliers maximise the guest experience and exceed expectations. Our solutions revolve around the concept that quality products and services can be designed into your workflow. MTech solutions are enterprise level and internet based.

Hotel guest request, complaint, tracking and maintenance system

HotSOS, the core application, is a solution for full-service hotels that manages the guest request or complaint process, service order tracking and preventive maintenance scheduling while reducing costs. With HotSOS, you can work to wow your guests in one hotel or one thousand.

Preventive maintenance / work order web solution for hotels

PMWorks is a preventive maintenance / work order web solution that can help you properly maintain all of your hotels, whether full or select service. PMWorks ensures cost savings while preserving the corporate standards of life, health and safety. It creates consistency in one uniform, automated preventative-maintenance solution. With PMWorks, you get better maintained assets, better control and, best of all, peace of mind. 

Housekeeping application for hotels

Ask how our housekeeping application, REX, can make your arriving guests happier while your staff is more efficient. REX is the first solution of its kind that streamlines the entire room assignment and clearing process and gets your guests into their rooms faster with Apple’s™ iPod Touch™ / iPhone™ and Google Android Platform handhelds.

REX is a housekeeping room assignment and prioritisation tool that turns guest rooms faster with maximum cost efficiency. REX turns information in your PMS into knowledge that your room attendants and floor supervisors can use to get your rooms back in inventory faster than ever so waiting time is reduced for your guests.

Award-winning SaaS solutions for hoteliers

These are just a few of the ways that our smarter workflow creates better service. We have over 1,800 customers in over 40 countries using our solutions. Included are most large Las Vegas hotels and many of the world’s finest hotel brands including Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Jumeirah, Intercontinental, Sofitel and many more.


9941 West Jessamine Street


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United States of America

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