Celmec International is an Australian company specialising in heating, cooling and air control equipment. Celmec leads the industry with high quality products that incorporate unique features, creating energy saving and superior performance.

Celmec products include variable air volume terminal units (VAVs), heating / cooling / ventilation systems (HCV), air and smoke control volume dampers, warm air heating, gas fired tube radiant heating, infra red high intensity heating, electric panel radiant heating, outdoor heated umbrellas and evaporative cooling.

Infra red high intensity heating

Celmec’s infra red overhead heaters convert “clean gas energy” to comfortable soft radiant heat, the same as the sun’s energy but without the harmful ultraviolet component. No energy is wasted heating “dead zones”. Wall mounted heaters as well as self-contained portable units are available. Manual or fully automatic ignition with natural or LP gas options. Reflectors are available, made of stainless steel, for high thermal efficiency.

Heating / cooling / ventilation systems

Celmec’s HCV units incorporate unique features including an economy cycle (no need to reduce airflow during the heating cycle), fresh air / return air change over facility, stainless steel heat exchangers and the heat exchanger by-pass, which all reduce energy costs in both gas and power usage. This reduced energy requirement allows the equipment to be smaller in capacity and size. Consequently there is very little cost penalty, if any, by comparison to standard unrefined equipment cost. Significant energy savings of up to 50% start with use of the equipment.

VAV terminal units

Celmec VAV terminal units have been developed with top acoustic performance in mind. The units offer greatly reduced radiated and low frequency noise levels compared to conventional systems. Another consideration Celmec make when manufacturing VAVs is air control; (1) Accurate airflow control is provided by the aerofoil type valve, configured to accept a standard 90° stroke, direct drive actuator, (2) the aerofoil valve produces laminar airflow patterns, in any open position, ensuring even air distribution, (3) due to the aerodynamic nature of the valve, static regain is achieved, permitting more efficient use of fan energy and allowing flexibility for future adjustment should it be required.

Gas-fired tube radiant heating

Celmec’s manufactures a range of tube radiant heaters in both ‘straight’ and ‘U’ packages. All units are available for natural and LP gas operation. Zone and thermal control is achieved through control modules, also allowing for cost savings. The tube radiant heater produces low intensity radiant heat, has an instant effect, there is no air or dust movements, and its easy to control.

Electric panel radiant heating

Celmec’s ERH Panels lead the industry being the only electric radiant panel heater specifically designed for outdoor public areas. The non-glowing ERH system produces evenly distributed radiant energy, similar to the heat generated by the sun but without the ultraviolet component. No energy is wasted trying to heat up the air or empty space, instead it is absorbed by people and objects in it path. Each unit requires 5A / 1Ph / 1.2kW and has both high and low heat settings.

Outdoor heated umbrellas

Celmec’s HeatRay umbrella provides are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colour options. Celmec ERH panels, together with specifically designed, soft diffused lighting, are permanently fixed to the arms of the HeatRay umbrella, creating a heated and lit permanent structure. Also available are a range of modular weather protection accessories, creating a year round solution to outdoor comfort.

Evaporative cooling

Celmec’s Celmist System is the solution for cooling outdoor areas, from alfresco restaurants to sporting facilities and public spaces. Celmist has been designed to integrate with Celmec’s HeatRay Umbrellas, but it can also be used in custom applications such as odour and dust control. Celmist produces evaporative mist cooling, commonly known as fogging, which lowers the overall ambient temperature under the umbrella by around 9° K on a warm day. The Celmist system is controlled though a humidity sensor to ensure ultimate comfort and economic operation.

Air and smoke control volume dampers

Celmec volume dampers have been tried and proven for well over two decades. They are modular in design, lightweight and easy to install and handle. Manufactured from marine grade extruded aluminium with inherent advantages in performance. One feature is the damper frame, which has its corners punched to match the latest industry requirement for flanging. Another feature, should the overall damper size be difficult to manage, is that the damper can be installed on site in pre-assembled modular sections.

Warm air heating

Celmec’s warm air gas fired heating range is designed for use as integral heating components of heating, heating/cooling, or make-up air systems. The range includes both Duct heaters (indoor or rooftop options) and Unit heaters (either with centrifugal fan, or, with enclosed centrifugal fan).