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Inflated Game Systems

Water Park Equipment, Pool Slides, Leisure Activities and Attractions for Hotels

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Water slides, inflatable water slides and beachfront recreational water toys for the hotel supplies market are our focus in order to provide your resort with all the necessary leisure activities to turn your guests’ summer days into a fun-filled and memorable family event.

SlideZilla, the world’s largest inflatable water slide, is the most ultimate fun-filled family entertainment inflatable to hit the beach. It’s a portable and temporary structure, it needs no special licensing and it has an overall length of 170ft and stands four stories high. Create huge impact with your guests and generate large income revenues with your inflatable water slide.

SlideZilla is comparable to typical water park equipment generating almost the same income, but at only a fraction of the cost compared with other steel and concrete water park equipment.

Your guests will be screaming with delight as they splash down SlideZilla, landing safely and harmlessly at the bottom of the 75ft padded runway only to scurry back up our specially designed plastic stairs to do it all over again.

Inflatable water slides for hotel resorts

SlideZilla is a temporary structure designed on the same scale as attractions in major theme parks having a footprint that can be seen from over a quarter of a mile away, automatically making your business a major destination for residents and general beach tourists alike. Built with a sturdy vinyl construction, embedded with ultraviolet inhibitors, SlideZilla can easily accommodate over 400 guests in one hour while generating a healthy profit margin for you.

To compare the SlideZilla inflatable water slide, it can be installed approximately at only $10/ft² whereas a permanent waterslide structure is installed at $300/ft²-$500/ft², depending on size and choice of model.

SlideZilla inflates in about 15 minutes. The two high-output electric and two backup safety blowers will inflate your four-story-high water slide and then have it deflated in less than 25 minutes so you can utilize your new amusement park attraction every day in no time at all. The evening close down is a snap: just deflate and close the gates (if fenced off).

End of season tear-down is simple by shutting off the blowers, deflating then rolling the unit up and placing it into its optional steel containers, which we provide, or into its own 10ft x 20ft storage shed.

Water park equipment, inflatables and water slides for hotels

Aside from the income opportunity for you, SlideZilla is a brand for your resort in that it will not only provide your hotel / beach guests with a fun-filled family recreation activity but will provide a strong, memorable event so that they will consider returning with their family to your resort.

Families from other resorts on your beach will be attracted to your inflatable water slide from a mile away. They will come and pay a couple of dollars for your slide ride or will pay $20 to $30 for an all-day pass. They too will have brand recognition with your resort and will think about coming to your resort on their next visit. It’s good to offer your guest a discounted pass to offer incentive to stay at your resort. Based on a busy hotel resort beach you can expect to pay for your investment within the first year.

Training, set-up and service for inflatable water slides

SlideZilla is an amazing investment opportunity for your company. Inflated Game Systems provides free training for you and your staff, free initial set-up, unprecedented customer service and incredible warranty protection. We know how important your investment is. Let us show you how to profit from it.

Inflated Game Systems


Ontario L1C-3K3