Inflated Game Systems Introduces World’s Largest Inflatable Water Slide to the Hotel Industry

16th December 2010

Inflated Game Systems has announced the development of the world’s largest inflatable water slide built on the same scale as water slides in major theme parks but for only a tenth of the cost and a fragment of the work. Although the water slide is 175ft long and 45ft high, it takes only one day to put it in place and to attach the blowers. It inflates in about 15min and is ready to thrill families and guests alike. When the water slide is not in use, it can be easily deflated, rolled up and packed away. The SlideZilla can help hoteliers improve their guests’ satisfaction by allowing families a fuller vacation experience without having to leave the hotel grounds.

Due to lower purchase, installment and operating costs, the SlideZilla is set to become one of the newest additions to line the coastal beaches. The frame is built with sturdy heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon materials, embedded with ultra-violet inhibitors, which gives the slide a long lifetime in the hot sun. Installed with a double stairway, it accommodates 400 guests per hour.

As stated in ‘The World Hotel Water Park Construction Report’, worldwide 15 hotel water park resorts are currently under construction, all expected to open by the end of 2010. This shows a growth of 30% compared with 11 properties opening in the same period last year. By the end of the year, 205 hotels with 26,426 rooms will have installed 139 million square feet of outdoor water parks and 5.1 million square feet of indoor water park space outside North America.

Hotels with indoor water parks continue to perform better than hotels without this feature, especially in these tough economical times. The SlideZilla is the newest water slide entry by Inflated Game Systems and is set to offer hotels the opportunity to expand into the water slide business, without high investment outlays, using a state-of-the-art portable inflatable water slide, tailored for beaches. To stand out from competitors, aggressive resort and hotel owners are expanding their water play offerings by installing poolside water slides and giant indoor / outdoor water slides.

In the 1940s, hoteliers added swimming pools to their hotel facilities to keep guests comfortable during their stay. Over the past five years, hotels have begun to convert their swimming pools into mini water parks by adding poolside water slides. Hotel owners and managers have realized that families have tightened their travel budget, as the travel market has entered the overall economical down-trend. Not having the funds to go for week-long trips, travelers have started looking for weekend trips as family quality time. Therefore, water park offers attract short-stay and long-stay guests alike.

Inflated Games Systems is a unique and innovative company with the vision to see inflatables used in as many new and different applications as possible. Since 1987, Inflated Games has been meeting the needs of clients all over the world by designing and building inflatables where unique specialization is needed.

Peter Appleton, president and inflatable pioneer said: “Due to the recent creation of highly specialized fabrics and blowers, inflatables can now basically replicate any small to medium structure where portability and cost-effectiveness is a requirement.”