Hoist Group Communication, Entertainment and Converged Network Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Hoist Group

Hoist Group develops and delivers systems, products and services to independently operated hotels, hotel chains and public venues in Europe and the Middle East.

Our wide range of products and services, as well as our financing services, enable us to offer a customised solution that will increase the profitability of each customer.

Smart system solutions for hotels

Hoist Group offers comprehensive solutions that comprise state-of-the-art systems and products, as well as necessary supporting services such as hosting, installation, training, support and financing.

To help our customers optimise their results, we invest heavily in developing smart system solutions that can integrate with one another and with third-party systems on the market. The functionality of our systems increases when used together, thereby making operations more efficient.

High-speed internet access for all devices

Hoist Group offers hoteliers unparalleled knowledge in high-speed internet solutions for hotels.

This expertise includes Fusion Internet, which embraces the latest networking technologies along with a wealth of hospitality-specific functionalities to accommodate the needs of internet users and hotel operators alike.

Smart TV systems

Hoist Group offers customised hotel TV solutions to provide guests with entertainment and information.

We offer turnkey solutions for hotel TV that cover the entire process – from planning to installation and support. We use state-of-the-art hotel TV technology and information solutions, and our portfolio includes linear TV channels and systems, along with streamed TV channels for wireless devices.

Flexible network services

Hoist Group offers a comprehensive after-sales service for all of our products. Our dedicated teams take care of everything from the network installation, the services it delivers and security.

Our mandate can be extended to the proactive monitoring and management of all components to comply with your required service levels.

Extensive TV channel network for guest entertainment

Hoist Group’s Guest Content portfolio contains licensing of TV channels, video-on-demand (VOD) and secure apps for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and bars.

With our extensive experience and direct agreements with all major broadcasters, both national and international, we offer customised packages that will give your guests an engaging content experience during their stay.

Smart property management solutions

Hoist Group’s Property Management System aims to optimize hotel operations by streamlining and simplifying all procedures. Our smart systems can be integrated both with one another and with other systems on the market. The functionality of systems increases when they work together, making operation even more efficient. The result is increased profitability for our clients.

Interior products for an enhanced guest experience

Hoist Group supplies a broad range of interior products to hotels and spa and conference facilities such as hairdryers, laundry bags, minibars, ironing centres, safes and kettles. Our products have been selected especially to create a comfortable environment for both hotel personnel and guests.

Smart electronical hotel locks

Hoist Group’s RFID Lock provides hotels with a stable and reliable security solution, while giving the guest a more comfortable and relaxing stay.

Hoist Group’s hotel locks can be integrated with a number of major reservation systems, including our own HotSoft 7 and HotSoft 8 systems. This feature makes issuing keycards and mobile keys easier for hotel staff because they only need to use one system, not two.

Consulting, financing and support services

Hoist Group provides a comprehensive service by directly supplying all products and services and in-house support to ensure a high return on investment.

We are experienced in supplying customised technical solutions to the hospitality sector.

As an additional service, we offer attractive financing options on all our products and for all clients.

About Hoist Group

Hoist Group has offices in 18 countries across Europe and the Middle East. Our annual sales are approximately €134m and we have 500 employees.

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Press Release

Cloud Capabilities for the Hospitality Sector

The Cloud is one of those hot topic tech terms that has created a lot of buzz but seems completely ambiguous and vast in regards to what it actually is. We decided to sit down with our Cloud Technical Manager, Lasse Rytilahti, to finally get the scoop on The Cloud.

White Papers

A Strategy to Redesign the Guest Relationship

In these times of information overload, relevant content is becoming ever more precious. In fact, relevant content (content that is meaningful to the person concerned in a specific context) enables service providers to create deeper relationships with their customers, communicate relevant messages, stay in touch with them over time and make them loyal to their brand.

Hoist Group

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Press Release

16th July 2019

The Cloud is one of those hot topic tech terms that has created a lot of buzz but seems completely ambiguous and vast in regards to what it actually is. We decided to sit down with our Cloud Technical Manager, Lasse Rytilahti, to finally get the scoop on The Cloud.

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25th June 2019

A PMS (Property Management System) is absolutely vital in running your hotel. At Hoist Group, we offer a system called HotSoft (Hotel Software), which is completely scalable and tailored to the needs of your hotel.

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25th February 2019

From our years in the hospitality industry, we’ve come across three habits that we have consistently seen beneficial to hotels in building and maintaining their brand image.

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4th February 2019

A couple weeks ago, Marc Valentin, Hoist Group CTO, and Simon I’Anson, Hoist Group CSO, sat down to talk about the future of hospitality.

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25th January 2019

As of January 2019, Hoist Group is proud to announce Helge Solbakken as the new Managing Director for the offices in Norway.

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16th November 2018

The past two years have seen numerous IT security issues affecting hotels – and making headlines. Threats like these, if they reach you, can take a heavy toll on your hotel’s daily activities as well as your reputation.

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2nd November 2018

Are you familiar with IVR – Interactive Voice Recognition? Until recently, calling your bank or internet service provider was the best way to meet one.

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4th July 2018

Hoist Group issued on 29 June 2017 senior secured callable floating rate bonds in an aggregated amount of Skr500m with ISIN SE0010101576 within a total framework amount of Skr1bn on the Swedish bond market.

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25th June 2018

Make your hotel stand out by hoisting the guest experience using digital touchpoints - before, during, and after the stay. Mastering the digital touchpoints you have with your guests can do wonders for your business.

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1st June 2018

It's no secret that every event or meeting you attend today will include some sort of digital event technology.

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2nd May 2018

The world is moving faster than ever; everyone is highly connected and we handle all sorts of information through our smartphones: travel tickets, loyalty cards, confirmation codes and even contactless payment.

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16th April 2018

From 1 April 2018, the EU’s Cross-Border Portability of Online Content policy comes into effect. This new regulation enables you to access your subscribed content services anywhere in EU, just as you would access them at home.

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6th March 2018

‘Follow the Guest’ is our way to ensure that you have more satisfied and returning guests by enhancing the guest experience.

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7th February 2018

Hoist Group’s Fusion Internet platform is a leading hospitality product that provides thousands of hotel customers with fast and secure internet connectivity, flexible portals with complete onboarding options, as well as productivity tools for hoteliers such as the Hotel Dashboard, Conference Tool, and Content Management.

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11th December 2017

DPR stands for 'General Data Protection Regulation'. It's an EU regulation coming into effect in May 2018, and concerns the protection of personal data and the rights individuals have to their information. Consumers will have greater control over the data organisations hold on them.

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22nd November 2017

Hoist Group now offers a fully outsourced managed network service, with the network hardware rental equipment included.

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15th October 2017

Receptio and Hoist Group are entering into a partnership creating a full end-to-end solution for the hospitality market in EMEA.

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27th September 2017

LAN Management will enable your systems to communicate better and capture more data to help you identify your guest's preferences.

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18th June 2017

Hoist Group announces the acquisition of Paragon Systems, a leading Irish software integrator to the hospitality industry, thereby strengthening its product range and widening its offering.

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23rd April 2017

At the end of March, the world´s largest hospitality technology exposition and conference, HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference), took place in Europe for the first time. Hoist Group was on-site in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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12th March 2017

Most of us can't live without our phones, tablets or computers and when we travel, these devices are often the first things we make sure to bring. Let's presume it´s because we can't imagine not having access to our favourite content.

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21st June 2016

After running a worldwide tender, AccorHotels has appointed Hoist Group as approved WiFi partner, building upon an already successful track record in delivering consistent quality WiFi to AccorHotels guests, as well as enabling property back of house connectivity.

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24th February 2016

Hoist Group in France and Canal+ Group are launching an on demand TV programmes package for both healthcare and hotel markets. It will provide the clients and patients who subscribe with the best of Canal+ programmes under the brand CANAL+ A LA DEMANDE.

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3rd September 2015

ProAchat, the leading central contracting agency for independent hotels with more than 1,150 members in France, has listed Hoist Group as a recommended supplier for WiFi solutions.

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10th July 2015

AccorHotels in the Benelux countries has upgraded its WiFi networks to the latest wireless networking standard, known as 802.11ac.

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2nd June 2015

Yesterday, Sweden-based HoistLocatel completed the acquisition of Swisscom Hospitality Services (SHS).

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1st April 2015

Sweden-based HoistLocatel has announced its intention to acquire Swisscom Hospitality Services to create a European powerhouse in the provision of technology solutions to the hospitality and healthcare industries.

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9th February 2015

Swisscom Hospitality has announced the delivery of its award-winning Connected TV solution through wireless broadband technologies.

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9th December 2014

NH Hotel Group has put its guest internet experience on a new footing. During the past months, more than 220 NH properties across Europe have been fitted with the Swisscom Internet Gateway to support much higher numbers of users and streamed data.

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8th December 2014

NH Hotel Group has put its guest internet experience on a new footing. During the past months, more than 220 NH properties across Europe have been fitted with the Swisscom Internet Gateway to support much higher numbers of users and streamed data.

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26th September 2014

Al-Hokair, a group with a long involvement in property ownership and a key player in the development of the hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia, has commissioned Swisscom Hospitality to serve all its properties with advanced broadband Internet services.

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12th June 2014

OKKO Hotels, a new hotel chain in France, has selected Swisscom Hospitality as its IP networks and applications partner. Swisscom has been commissioned to deliver the hotel networks as well as the three core guest-facing applications, namely high-speed internet, connected hotel TV and voice services chain-wide. Through its wireless networks, Swisscom also supports a host of additional guest-facing and back-of-house applications. The first OKKO Hotel has now successfully gone live in Nantes, France; two more openings are planned for this year in Grenoble and Lyon.

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20th May 2014

Providing guests with reliable internet services is becoming one of the key challenges for hoteliers. Statistics indicate that the volume of simultaneous connected devices, as well as the overall data transferred on Swisscom-managed hotel networks, has tripled in the last year. Swisscom is supporting hoteliers to adapt their networks and services accordingly.

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24th March 2014

Swisscom Hospitality Services recently deployed the Radisson Blu Jeddah and the Radisson Blu Yanbu with modern, scalable data networks to provide guests staying at these five star properties with a differentiated, hassle-free internet experience. The two installations mark Swisscom Hospitality's successful entry into the Saudi Arabian market while underpinning the strength of its partnership with The Rezidor Hotel Group across EMEA.

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19th November 2013

Swisscom Hospitality, the division of the Swiss telecommunications operator focused on serving the hotel and conference industries worldwide, has appointed Alfonso Tasso as its new CEO.

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9th September 2013

Amedia, a young and expanding hotel brand in Germany, Austria and Central Europe, has selected Swisscom Hospitality to implement and service its complete guest technology offering.

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27th August 2013

Swisscom Hospitality has been selected by Accor to provide the high-speed internet access (HSIA) which powers the free Wi-Fi now available at 194 hotels in the UK including the ibis, Novotel, Mercure and Pullman brands.

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21st August 2013

David Dreschner has been appointed senior director, strategic alliances and business development at Swisscom Hospitality Services.

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12th July 2013

Scandic Hotels and Swisscom Hospitality have jointly announced the signing of a partnership agreement to deliver next-generation hotel high-speed internet access (HSIA) services.

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8th July 2013

In a world first, Swisscom Hospitality Services and LG Electronics are proud to unveil their jointly developed, completely seamless 'Bring Your Own Content' application.

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25th June 2013

Swisscom Hospitality is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Deb Sander, Brian Fillo and Graham Macdonald, three seasoned hospitality technology professionals, as part of its growth programme in the Americas.

Read more
16th May 2013

Samsung and Swisscom Hospitality Services have unveiled their first joint ConnectedHotel TV installation at Hotel La Palma in Stresa, Italy.

Read more
28th March 2013

The citizenM room tablet has been custom-designed by Swisscom Hospitality to increase guest engagement and interactivity.

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28th March 2013

The citizenM room tablet has been custom-designed by Swisscom Hospitality to increase guest engagement and interactivity.

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21st March 2013

Swisscom Hospitality Services and NEC Unified Solutions have announced their strategic alliance to offer next-generation voice and data solutions to the EMEA hospitality market.

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26th February 2013

Hospitality Services (Austria), a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom (Switzerland), has signed an asset purchase agreement with Deuromedia Technologies, by which it will take over all operations, including the existing contracts with its partners, customers, suppliers and employees.

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6th February 2013

Swisscom Hospitality Services has announced the hiring of two seasoned hospitality professionals for its business in the Americas: Patrick Lewis joins as a Director of Solutions Architecture while Greg Wutzke comes on board as a Director of Business Development.

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9th January 2013

Swisscom Hospitality Services has announced that Mark Holzberg has joined the company as Vice President, the Americas and Global Managed Services.

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20th November 2012

Swisscom Hospitality Services and SMARTEQ have entered a commercial partnership to serve Russia's vibrant hotel industry through a suite of integrated information and communication technology (ICT) solutions.

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11th October 2012

NH Hoteles continues its successful partnership with Swisscom Hospitality. A new framework agreement signed by both parties makes Swisscom Hospitality the partner of choice for a suite of guest-facing technologies as well as its advanced network management services.

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10th September 2012

Queens Moat Houses, a leading European hotel group with 57 hotels across the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, and Swisscom Hospitality Services have renewed their long-standing partnership.

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28th June 2012

Swisscom Hospitality has launched a generic application programming interface (API) that enables hotels to achieve full service integration between their guest room entertainment systems and mobile guest applications on the one hand, and their point of sales, property management and back-office systems on the other.

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22nd June 2012

Swisscom Hospitality Services and FCS Computer Systems (FCS) have announced the integration of their respective applications portfolios.

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19th June 2012

Having pioneered connected TV applications for the global hotel industry since 2010, Swisscom Hospitality Services has now announced the launch of its second-generation ConnectedHotel TV offering.

Read more
2nd March 2012

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG) has entrusted Swisscom Hospitality Services with the remote management of its IT infrastructure at five European locations.

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