The world is moving faster than ever; everyone is highly connected and we handle all sorts of information through our smartphones: travel tickets, loyalty cards, confirmation codes and even contactless payment.

Why? Because it’s simpler, quicker and more effective. So, how does this shift in behaviour benefit hotels? Hoteliers can utilise this technology by connecting with their guests through various channels such as; info pages on the TV, digital screens, PMS messaging and of course apps like mobile key.

Mobile key provides a huge opportunity for hoteliers to keep close to their guests in a direct and unique way; with the potential to increase sales, receive more feedback from guests and spend more time meeting guests’ individual needs. In a nutshell: providing a better guest experience.

Special offers

No one likes spam, but everyone likes a good deal. When I arrive at a hotel, I want to know if there are any offers available such as happy hour at the bar, a discounted treatment in the spa, or local shows and events. And I’m not the only one. According to a recent hotel survey, four out of five guests would like to receive offers during and after their stay. This sends a clear message that hotelier’s shouldn’t be afraid of communicating with their guests – the information is likely to be valuable.

With the Mobile key app, guests can chat directly with the front desk to ask for an upgrade, make a dinner reservation or ask for local recommendations. Let’s say that a guest wants to make use of a massage offer they received earlier. All they have to do is text the front desk via the Mobile key app to make their appointment. Easy, fast and excellent customer service.

Make it personal

After the guest has left the hotel, what kind of feedback will they leave online? Comments on booking and review sites have become integral to a traveller’s decision making when selecting a hotel to stay in.

Using the Mobile key app the hotel can create positive experiences during the stay to increase guest satisfaction. Hotels can quickly engage with their guests, provide real-time offers, upgrades and at the same time gain detailed guest insights.

Using the Mobile key app to make the hotel stay personal, making the customers feel unique and taken care of will help hotels reclaim control of their brand image online.