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Free or Fee – How Should I Propose High-Speed Internet in my Hotel?

In today's hospitality, most guests see high-speed internet access (HSIA) as a must-have service and a commodity like electricity or hot water. Travellers have high service expectations for the hotel of their choice and, when it comes to internet connectivity, these expectations are to a large extent determined by the quality of service that they experience at home, in the office or whilst they are travelling with their private data plans.

Along with the notion that the internet is becoming ubiquitous, more and more guests are expecting HSIA to be available at no extra charge in the hotel. What rate are your guests ready to pay for the use of your hotel's Wi-Fi signal today? Many will probably answer that nothing more than "totally free" is acceptable for them. Others will have a more differentiated view as they may have had bad experiences with free HSIA in other hotels. Be that as it may, a number of hotel chains have taken the plunge and decided to offer "free-to-guest" as a core part of their offering.

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