A PMS (Property Management System) is absolutely vital in running your hotel. At Hoist Group, we offer a system called HotSoft (Hotel Software), which is completely scalable and tailored to the needs of your hotel. We offer 12 different modules, which are powerful alone but even better together.

Basically, we created this product so you can manage every part of your hotel from any time, anywhere.

Why do I need HotSoft?

From all points of the guest journey, before, during, and after stay HotSoft PMS is there to help streamline your business. We offer modules for your spa and conference needs as well as for multi-properties or shared ownership properties, giving you simplified access no matter your needs. Other features to note are the FrontOffice and BackOffice systems which help you to streamline work processes, manage bookings, and increase the level of service to your guests. We also offer integration with our dashboard, which means that all of your analytics and reports are gathered in one spot for a comprehensive overview.

We know that staying competitive is important, which is why we offer our own innovative rate management system, Rate Manager, which enhances your hotel’s ability to set dynamic and optimal pricing in order to increase RevPAR. RateManager makes it easy for hoteliers to make automated adjustments to the price of their hotel rooms and packages as often as necessary.

What if I like what I already have?

Well, good news! We have an open API with HotSoft8, which means we offer integration with over 300 third-party systems. Our HotSoft solution easily accommodates to your needs. HotSoft sits at the core of your software and you can build and tailor-make solutions that work best for you and your hotel.

How do I get HotSoft?

If you want more time for your guests and to do the things that originally made you fall in love with hospitality, all you need to do is contact us.