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Embracing the Wi-Fi Challenge to Stand Out and Avoid Negative Publicity

Speedy and seamless hotel internet is no longer just a nice-to-have service. Good Wi-Fi has become one of the key criteria for travellers to choose a hotel, along with location and price.

Earlier this year, surveyed 1,000 travellers worldwide to rank 33 guest services in order of importance; free Wi-Fi was identified as the number one in-room amenity. As noted, the need for constant connectivity has never been higher. This is evidenced by the number of devices that contemporary travellers carry with them: according to a Wall Street Journal study from last September, 45% travel with two Wi-Fi enabled devices, and another 40% travel with three or more devices.

Download the free white paper from the Hoist Group to read more about the demands for convenient, accessible Wi-Fi services in hotels.

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