Receptio and Hoist Group are entering into a partnership creating a full end-to-end solution for the hospitality market in EMEA. This partnership combines Hoist Group´s Property Management System, HotSoft, with the innovative IT and payment solutions from Receptio.

As many of you already know, the hospitality industry had no dedicated provider for payment solutions. Consequently, credit card security is a major issue with a massive percentage of all breaches happening within the hospitality industry. Hotels are also victims of fraud, face no-shows they cannot always charge, and waste time in many manual transactions. The main cause is that the payment flow of hospitality businesses is different from other industries and we have unique situations that credit card companies don’t understand.

But Receptio took note of those specific needs and developed a payment solution tailored for our industry. Thanks to Receptio, we can provide you with a PCI-DSS level 1 card vault for free. You can also now reduce your fraud, your no-shows and automate your transactions.

So our partnership with Receptio means we can now help you increase your revenue, profit and trust. By identifying fraudulent reservations and increasing direct bookings, you will increase your revenue. And by automatically charging deposits and prepayments, billing in one-click (pre-authorisation, refunds and one-off transactions) you will save time and avoid the ineffective manual process, increasing your profits and enhancing your guest experience. Last but not least, build your trust. Make sure you store your credit card information in a secure PCI certified environment.

"Hoist Group is focused on making competitive solutions available to our customers, which ensure high quality services along with end user satisfaction. Combining the knowhow and technology of both Receptio and our business will allow us to offer a great solution regarding payments and PCI compliance, and reinforce our leadership as the one and only hospitality partner for hotels," says Pål Sjögren, sales and product manager HotSoft.