It’s no secret that finding equipment to support an IT infrastructure can be complicated – and the hospitality sector is no exception. Making sure you choose the right brand and model with the latest technology is tricky enough – but then you have to spend time on installation, configuration and maintenance. And before you know it the next model has landed on the market.

Hoist Group is already alleviating much of this pressure on hotel IT managers with our managed networks services.

But many hotels still purchase their equipment, running the risk of immobilised investments. This added complication means that hotels must either struggle to find a new service provider that will accept the old equipment, or consider another significant investment to renew the WiFi coverage over hundreds of rooms.

Hoist Group now offers a fully outsourced managed network service, with the network hardware rental equipment included.

It’s hassle-free; we will design, build and maintain your network, all with Hoist Group’s usual high standard service agreement, 24/7 monitoring, and incident response from our Network Operation Centre (NOC) in Portugal. The service is compatible with our powerful product portfolio, internet and TV systems, conference tool, dashboard and much more.

Buying a managed service rather than investing in expensive equipment is not only stress free, but future proof.

What if I already own my own equipment?

Then we will buy it from you, upgrade it and provide a seamless managed service to you and your guests.

What we are offering is a simplified IT infrastructure for hotel managers, with:

  • A committed service level for you and your guests
  • A fixed monthly fee

If you would like to learn more how we can help you with your IT infrastructure, please get in touch.