Hoist Group’s Fusion Internet platform is a leading hospitality product that provides thousands of hotel customers with fast and secure internet connectivity, flexible portals with complete onboarding options, as well as productivity tools for hoteliers such as the Hotel Dashboard, Conference Tool, and Content Management.

Hoist Group is proud to announce the launch of our Fusion Virtual Gateway in the second half of 2018. It will complete the existing set of Fusion offers, with a dematerialised gateway on the hotel property and a range of enhanced features.

Go Virtual – Get in Control

Virtualisation is a very efficient tool in a widely multi-tenant hospitality environment. Hoist Group’s tools and business logic is mostly Cloud-based, providing our customers with secure and centralised management and reporting over a flexible range of properties, whether you are a chain or a single hotel.

The Fusion Virtual Gateway has a cost-efficient design that will reduce deployment time and complexity on-site; simplifying maintenance in the long term. It will also enable advanced guest profile management with web filtering, advanced analytics, and scalable guest and throughput capacity. It will, of course, work with our PMS HotSoft, Dashboard, Conference and Content Management Tools.

This new development will enhance Hoist Group’s leading product and take another step towards removing the complexity from our customer’s installation, replacing it with increased reliability, an enriched feature set and peace of mind.