It’s no secret that every event or meeting you attend today will include some sort of digital event technology.

In our technologically dependent world, it’s becoming increasingly important for venues to meet all of the conferences or meeting booker’s requirements in order for them to even consider a hotel as a venue for their conference, let alone keeping them happy and ensuring they return. So, Hoist Group TV Systems, Internet Access & Managed Network sales and product manager Markus Letuha identified one key point that could really work in your favour done right – ‘Internet Access’.

According to Hotel Guest Survey conducted by SynoInt in 2017, conference bookers believe that the most important selection criteria of the conference venue, other than location and price, are:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all areas
  • Bandwidth
  • Secure connectivity
  • Landing page with dedicated information for their conference group

Modern and flexible HSIA

Internet Access in the conference area is seen as critical for the event. Requirements for the conference/meeting planner range from sufficient bandwidth to dedicated networks with company branded access portals and more complex scenarios that require even temporary additional equipment.

To meet these criteria, it’s crucial to have a modern and flexible High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) infrastructure in place for the conference area that can be easily and economically adjusted to these special requirements. For simple requests, it is important for the hotel to have a self-service configuration portal. For more complex scenarios it is vital to have a technology vendor on hand from the initial consultation to the flawless execution.

An investment that pays off

Investing in HSIA infrastructure pays off in three different ways:

  • Direct revenue stream from the conference itself
  • Accommodation revenue from participants and related services e.g. catering
  • Repeat and referred business from great events

So, by incorporating the latest event technology your conference or meeting attendees will benefit from the latest variety of interactive communications and your hotel will benefit from increased revenue.