Most of us can’t live without our phones, tablets or computers and when we travel, these devices are often the first things we make sure to bring. Let´s presume it´s because we can’t imagine not having access to our favourite content. And most likely that’s why hotels have started to invest in technology allowing guests to bring their personal content and enjoy a home-like experience in the hotel room.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means that your guests can bring any type of smart accessory (phones, tablets or computer) to a new environment, such as a hotel room, and still receive similar, if not the same, experience as in their own home.

Let´s take an example: Your guest is a big fan of this new Netflix series and doesn´t want to go to bed without watching just one more episode. As it happens he/she is on a business trip, staying at your hotel and dreads the thought of watching it on the screen of her / his phone or tablet as the size matters. Luckily for the guest, your hotel has invested in a smart TV solution allowing Content Sharing.

What’s content mirroring?

Hoist Group has developed the Cast to TV solution allowing hoteliers to deploy Google Chromecast in a secure and professional way. By using this setup, one can easily connect any smart device to the in-room TV and share its screen. From there it is not a long way to play Netflix on a peer-to-peer basis, YouTube or even browse through news on a bigger screen. Add to this, room service, and your guests can simply live their mood: lean back or engage, just like home.

BYOD is an upcoming trend. But some already says it will be more of a requirement than a privilege. We all know that staying at a hotel has stopped being just about the room or size of the bathroom. Guests of today expect more. So why not meet their expectations and invest in this technology now?

If you are interested, check out our Fusion TV solution. It allows hoteliers to offer that experience by simply connecting their guest room TV sets to their IP network, without any extra cabling.