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Cleaning Technology for the Hospitality Industry


Kärcher, a family-owned enterprise, is a leading provider of cleaning technology. With pressure washers, vacuums and steam cleaners, home and garden pumps, sweepers and floor scrubbers, vehicle washes, cleaning agents, dry-ice blasters, drinking and waste water treatment plants, and water dispensers, it offers a range of innovative problem solutions. These include coordinated products, cleaning agents and accessories, along with advice and service.

Energy-efficient, eco-friendly cleaning products

With Kärcher products the focus is on conserving resources while delivering convincing cleaning performance. That is why over 600 employees in research and development are busy developing more and more new economical and eco-friendly products and methods. They include the T 12/1 eco!efficiency dry vacuum and an energy-efficient eco!efficiency setting for scrubber-driers.

Quiet, low-energy vacuum cleaning systems for the hotel industry

A distinguishing feature of the T 12/1 eco!efficiency vacuum is its low power rating of just 750 watts. The benefit for Kärcher customers is that it consumes 40% less energy than machines with a comparable cleaning performance. This reduction was achieved by means of improved flow characteristics. Another major advantage for the hotel trade target group is its low noise level of just 56 dB(A), which makes the vacuum suitable for noise-sensitive areas and for cleaning during hotel business hours. Hotel customers are not unnecessarily troubled by noise, and cleaning personnel also benefit from the low noise emissions.

Walk-behind, scrubber-drier with individual user profiles

The B 40 C-W walk-behind scrubber-drier features a newly developed operating system, Kärcher Intelligent Key. This makes it very easy to operate because it enables individual user profiles to be set up. Parameters such as speed of travel, brush rotation speed and detergent dosing are defined to suit the specific application. The facility manager uses his or her key to transfer these settings to the keys of users who can then only operate a rotary switch to select the desired cleaning program. This makes the machine very economical to operate because it limits the amount of energy and cleaning agent consumed to what is required.

The machine is especially energy-efficient and eco-friendly in the eco!efficiency mode, which is perfectly adequate for maintenance cleaning of most floors. On this setting, the machine consumes little water and runs at a low brush and turbine rotation speed.

Carpet cleaners

Food residues such as milk, fish or vegetable juices not only soil carpets, but also make them smell unpleasant. The Kärcher iCapsol RM 768 OA carpet cleaner comes to the rescue by absorbing disagreeable odours. A special feature of the new carpet cleaner is its very short drying time. In addition, depending on the degree of soiling, just 50ml to 250ml in a 6% solution is sufficient for one square metre, so compared with wet cleaning it leaves very little moisture in the carpet. Consequently, depending on the material and the degree of soiling, the carpet can be walked on again after between 20 and 120 minutes.

Kärcher employs more than 9,000 people in 100 companies in 60 countries. More than 50,000 service centres in all countries ensure continuous and comprehensive supplies to customers all over the world. So there is always someone around for you. Innovation is the company’s principal growth factor. Around 85% of its products have been in existence for five years or less.

Innovative approach to cleaning technologies

Innovation has been a key element of the corporate culture ever since the company was set up in 1935. Alfred Kärcher, an engineer with a passion for invention, applied his inexhaustible creative drive and ingenuity to finding solutions to technical problems. Yet he never ignored his responsibility for his employees’ needs and concerns. That is why the company has always seen economic success and sustainable development as going hand-in-hand. Kärcher invests more than the average in research and development, in modern production methods and in high-quality apprenticeships and in-service training for its employees.

Over the past 30 years, Kärcher has carried out around 90 cleaning projects on historic monuments. In 1998, for instance, it cleaned the colonnades on St. Peter’s Square in Rome, its biggest-ever facade-cleaning project at that time. In 2005, the cleaning of the Presidents’ heads on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, attracted a great deal of attention.

BR 40/10C

Professional heavy-duty scrubber dryer makes light work of dirty floors.

BRS 43/500 C

Provides exceptional cleaning results and leaves carpets dry enough to re-entry in only 20 minutes

CV 38/2 Adv

Professional, twin-motor upright vacuum with 38cm cleaning width.

KM 70/30 C Bp Adv

High-productivity push sweeper for indoor and outdoor use, with battery-powered roller and side brushes.

SG 4/4

High-performance professional four-bar steam cleaner offering deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Kärcher Introduces BR 45/22 C Compact Scrubber Drier

Kärcher is extending its range of walk-behind scrubber driers with a further model featuring the innovative KART steering concept: the brush head of the BR 45/22 C is controlled directly via a steering wheel.

New WPD Machine Range from Kärcher

The cleaning device manufacturer and drinking water specialist Kärcher is bringing a completely new range of water dispensers onto the market.

Kärcher Upgrades Range

Kärcher is extending its range of walk-behind scrubber driers without traction drive with the addition of a new model in two different versions. The BD 43/25 C Bp (battery operation) and BD 43/35 C Ep (mains operation) are designed for areas of 200m² to 800m², each with one disc head for attaching disc brushes or pads. The main focus of development was on customer requirements for a scrubber drier in the lower price segment with low service costs and high efficiency.

Kärcher Develops Product Between Wiping Mop and Scrubber Drier

Kärcher has developed a completely new product category for cleaning resilient floor coverings: a so-called Mopvac. The B 60/10 C is designed to fill the gap between a mop and bucket and a scrubber drier. The convenience of manual cleaning machines is raised to a hygienic, safe and ergonomic level.

New Puzzi 30/4 Spray Extraction Cleaner from Kärcher

Kärcher has launched a new spray extraction cleaner in the form of the Puzzi 30/4 for cleaning large carpet areas. Its upright design and new floor nozzle are key to this new machine's exceptional ergonomics and ease of use. Its excellent deep-cleaning capability and efficient extraction make this a highly economical cleaner.

Full Suction Power at 750 watts

Kärcher's new, especially energy-efficient dry vacuums, the T 7/1 und T 10/1 eco!efficiency, run on just 750 watts. Thanks to improved flow characteristics, they require 40% less energy than vacuums with comparable cleaning power, which benefits the environment and cuts electricity bills.

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