With the push scrubber drier BD 80/100 W Classic Bp, Kärcher is bringing a new model in the Classic range on to the market. The battery-operated walk-behind machine is of very robust design, and is characterised by its simple operation. The machine offers an economical start to floor cleaning, and is suitable for use in industrial facilities, shops, municipalities and in building cleaning.

On the BD 80/100 W Classic Bp, the scrubber drier components that are especially subjected to heavy-duty wear – the brush head and the squeegee – are made of hard-wearing aluminium, and therefore have a particularly long service life. Downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum. Another feature: The contact pressure can be increased from 40kg to 69kg, which means the machine can be used for the de-coating of elastic floor coverings.

Simple operation and maintenance characterise the new Classic scrubber drier. The only switch is the On/Off button – all other settings are made manually. To ensure easy and quick orientation on the machine, all the operating elements are colour-coded, and users can familiarise themselves with the machine in a very short time. Errors of use are practically impossible. The machine has a powerful battery which allows uninterrupted cleaning for up to five hours without recharging. The machine can be optionally equipped with the fleet management system Kärcher Fleet.