High-performance professional four-bar steam cleaner offering deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Two-tank system

  • The fresh water tank can be continually refilled, since the boiler and tank are separate
  • Since only part of the overall volume is heated at any one time, it takes very little time for a consistent steam pattern to form


  • Thanks to VapoHydro, the steam level can be infinitely adjusted to the cleaning task
  • In addition to the steam pressure, the saturation can be infinitely adjusted from full steam to hot water

Accessory storage compartment

  • The integrated storage compartment enables the storage of a variety of accessories
  • Small detailed accessories are always safely stored and do not get lost

Hygienic cleaning

  • Hygienic cleaning without the use of chemical substances
  • The avoidance of aggressive cleaning agents protects the operator and the surfaces treated