Kärcher has launched a new spray extraction cleaner for cleaning large textile surfaces; the Puzzi 30/4.

An upright design and newly designed floor nozzle are the key to this new cleaner’s exceptional ergonomy and user convenience. Its excellent deep cleaning capability and efficient extraction make this a highly economical cleaner, ideally suited for use by cleaning contractors, and in the hospitality and public service sectors.

The new Puzzi 30/4 makes for fatigue-free, reliable operation over extended work periods. Its highly moveable rail mounted on the suction opening of the floor nozzle ensures that the optimum suction angle is maintained at all times.

This makes for a consistently high suction force, as the vacuum is never interrupted during cleaning. Users no longer need to determine the working angle of the floor nozzle depending on the way the suction pipe is held, which can make for a more strenuous work process depending on body size. The added mobility means that the cleaning waste water is reliably suctioned away, even when working on crowded floor surfaces.

A level display for the fresh water tank also helps promote continuity, as users can plan the next filling process with plenty of notice and so save time and costs.

The device is designed to provide a spraying pressure of 4bar and has a fresh water tank capacity of 30l for an area performance of up to 75m² an hour. Improved flow characteristics in the floor nozzle make for highly efficient extraction and therefore faster drying times so that carpets can quickly be returned to use.

With noise emissions of just 68db(A), the device is very quiet running, making it highly suited for use in noise-sensitive situations.

Thanks to its upright design and the large fixed wheels, the cleaner is easy to move with minimum exertion, even steps do not present an obstacle. When transporting the Puzzi 30/4 in a van, it can be positioned on its side even with the fresh water tank full.

The cleaner is quickly ready for operation, with settings such as the position of the additional handle on the vacuum pipe or the height of the carrying handle easily adjusted without the need for tools. The fresh water filter and the high-performance particle filter provided to protect users from breathing in aerosols can also be exchanged in a few simple movements.