Large carpeted areas in retail trade, public institutions or hotels require particularly thorough and at the same time fast maintenance. Even more efficient cleaning is now possible with the revised range of upright brush-type vacuum cleaners from Kärcher. For the models CV 30/1, CV 38/2 and CV 48/2 the cleaning specialist relies on a combination of tried-and-tested functions and technical innovations. User- and service-friendly detailed adaptations to handle; cable and brush now make work even more comfortable.

Thorough cleaning of carpets, deep into the fibres, is done with the electrically driven roller brush – at the same time the pile is straightened up. Thanks to the low height, the vacuum cleaners even reach places that are difficult to access under beds or shelves. If the brush has to be cleaned or changed, the user gets by without using any tools. With only a few movements and using a clip that is fitted at the side of the brush cover, it can be released and removed.

Like with the predecessor models, a patented centrifugal coupling reliably protects the brush head against overloading – e.g. when vacuuming long carpet fringes. This helps avoid high repair costs. An indicator light indicates when the setting of the roller brush should be changed so that the best possible cleaning result is achieved for different carpet pile heights.

The power cables of vacuum cleaners are particularly prone to defects as they are subject to extreme stress in daily use. Where previously an expensive repair was necessary in the event of damage, a new quick-change system now ensures a simple exchange of the power cable: in just a few seconds it is removed, exchanged and reattached. This means the user can change the cable without service assistance and prior knowledge. Thanks to the quick-change system for brush and cable, the user saves on service costs and downtimes are reduced.

All models in the new CV range can be switched on and off at the handle. Combined with a new and ergonomically shaped handle, working with the machines is even more comfortable.

For particularly fine dust (> 0.3µm), pollen or mites, apart from the standard fleece filter bag a HEPA 13 filter is also used. With the high separation degree they are mainly in demand where high standards of cleanliness are required – e.g. in playschools, hospitals or nursing homes. A pilot lamp signals as soon as the filter is full and needs to be changed. The user recognises the manual operating elements for filter and roller brush by means of new optical symbols.