Kärcher has developed a completely new product category for cleaning resilient floor coverings: a so-called Mopvac. The B 60/10 C is designed to fill the gap between a mop and bucket and a scrubber drier. The convenience of manual cleaning machines is raised to a hygienic, safe and ergonomic level.

The new Mopvac looks and works like a compact scrubber drier without the need for a power source. The machine is easy-to-use.

The machine only needs to be pushed forward, whereby cleaning solution from the fresh water tank is applied to the mop with cleaning pad. An internal mechanical pump driven by an additional wheel under the machine sucks up the dirty water in a single pass. The dirty water is picked up by suction lips on the mop and collected in a separate container.

This machine is more hygienic than a mop as it only uses clean water. An additional benefit: floors are immediately dry after cleaning, reducing the risk of slipping and floors stay cleaner longer.

With a working width of 60cm, this new machine can clean five times faster than a mop and bucket. This saves time and money. The machine is designed for ergonomic use, obviating the need for manual wiping and wringing out.

With a noise level of only 52db(A), the Mopvac is also ideal for use in public areas. The machine operates without a power source, batteries or cables, which can pose a tripping hazard. Maintenance-free: no motor. The machine is easier to use than a scrubber drier as no cleaning programmes need to be preset. Accessories such as the spray mop, which can be stored on-board, allow cleaning in small and difficult-to-reach areas.

Image: The Mopvac can clean five times faster than a mop and bucket, and leaves floors cleaner for longer. Photo: courtesy of Kärcher.