Quadriga’s Sensiq Supports Brand and Business Objectives with Sofitel

Quadriga’s Sensiq is being installed in multiple Sofitel properties across Europe and Africa. This demonstrates its value in communicating a luxury hotel brand directly to guests via the in-room TV, as well as its ability to support the specific business objectives of the individual properties.

Sensiq’s powerful tools and applications were applied to create a truly customised guest communications portal, which will successfully deliver Sofitel’s new ‘life is magnifique’ brand concept to guests staying in hotels across the region. This flexibility to fully customise the portal brings many benefits to hotel brands, specifically the ability to communicate seamlessly across its estate and to create a specific brand experience in every room.

Working with Sofitel’s head office, Quadriga’s experienced customisation and specialist TV design team were able to ensure that the portal fully reflects the unique Sofitel brand identity. The team utilised Sensiq’s powerful branding tools, including the incorporation of video and music to deliver the desired brand experience. In addition the portal design features web links providing guests with direct access to specific Sofitel websites. Guests can easily access ‘So Boutique’, Sofitel’s luxury online shop as well as its A Club loyalty programme information.

With the overall brand design achieved, Quadriga is working closely with the individual Sofitel properties to ensure that their portal is structured and tailored with appropriate content to meet their specific business needs. This involves working with multiple functions within each hotel to ensure the optimum portal design, building a new in-room sales and promotional channel to drive potential revenue opportunities. As well as each hotel being able to consistently communicate the Sofitel brand, Sensiq and Quadriga’s cloud based technology enables the easy communication of corporate information to guests.

Roger Taylor, CEO of Quadriga, adds: "We are proud and delighted to be able to work with Sofitel and its parent group Accor to demonstrate the real power of Sensiq. Sofitel’s unique luxury brand is fully reflected in the design of their portal and is delivering their desired brand experience into each guest room. This is now being rolled out to individual hotels, incorporating some 2,000 rooms."

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