The travel & tourism industry plays a key role in Uganda’s economy. According to GlobalData, driving increased visitor numbers and income from touristic activities are key areas of focus for the country’s government. GlobalData provides a complete picture of travel to Uganda in its Travel & Tourism in Uganda report. Buy the report here.

In 2022, projections show that international arrivals in Uganda are expected to have grown by 95%.

Uganda does not exhibit an overreliance on any single source market, but intraregional travel is a noticeable trend. In the case of Uganda, six of the top ten source markets are located in Africa.

However, even when focusing only on the top ten, not all source markets are equal in size. Understanding the relative size of these and identifying high-potential markets outside of this list is key to identifying promising growth markets for Uganda as a destination.

According to GlobalData’s report, Travel & Tourism in Uganda, the country’s leading source markets include Rwanda, Kenya, Dem. Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and the US among others.

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