Brand New World

28th June 2009 (Last Updated June 28th, 2009 18:30)

Global Hyatt Corporation is a global hospitality brand that once had no strong internal web portal. It found that its efficiency, communication and brand image were suffering. Robb Webb, chief human resources officer, explains how Vignette created a solution to the problem in only 24 weeks.

Brand New World

Hyatt is one of the world’s leading hotel companies and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Whether owned, operated, managed or franchised by its subsidiaries, the company’s 370 hotels and resorts in 44 countries need to provide hospitality to guests with Hyatt’s trademark personalised service and cultural relevance.

Each property’s employees are crucial to the company’s success and because they span more than 40 countries, speaking different languages and living in different cultures and time zones, Hyatt required an infrastructure that supports a large and diverse employee body to communicate and maintain the global brand.

The challenge

“Each property’s employees are crucial to the company’s success.”

Because Hyatt did not have a strong internal web portal to tie all of its properties together, some business units had set up their own portals and web pages, and had become autonomous in their standards for communications, marketing and management. Global brand consistency was difficult.

A small internal portal, developed as a pilot project for the corporate office, became the de facto company-wide portal. It was quickly overtaxed and lacked modern capabilities such as a search facility, personalisation and efficient content sharing.

Additionally, since there was little or no sharing of information between properties, content was being created repetitively and stored locally. What was needed was a new portal that not only allowed the sub-organisations and individual properties to create localised content, but also would improve the sharing of information and collaboration while producing tighter corporate controls on branding.

Such a system would have to accommodate multiple languages and cultural and operational differences on a large scale and be appealingly easy to use in order to ensure acceptance.

“Using Vignette, our employees can quickly update and locate fundamental information and benefit from the knowledge of other employees.”

The solution

Working with Vignette, Hyatt designed an intranet solution to move the company from multiple information silos to a more connected and seamless community. The corporate intranet would enable Hyatt management and associates to better find, distribute, manage and share vital information throughout the company.

Hyatt also wanted its intranet to foster a new level of collaboration among employees, allowing staff to work together on projects and tasks.

Hyatt’s internal web platform is composed of four parts of the Vignette Web Experience Platform: Portal and Web Content Management, which provide the basic architecture or ‘bones’ of the site, and Collaboration and Rich Media Services. All of these core components are configured to significantly reduce the need for IT involvement and give content managers an easy-to-use, non-technical tool to create, update and customise content for various departments and employees.

This included:

  • An integrated portal – an easy-to-use content management interface with up-to-date information on policies, procedures, best practices, and even manuals and facility plans from any computer with a web browser
  • Greater Collaboration – a customised platform where Hyatt staff can work together on projects and tasks, reducing redundant labour and shortening project timelines
  • Search directories – improved search for quick and easy-to-find information that is accurate, relevant and current.

Reaping the benefits

Hyatt developed a comprehensive corporate intranet that acts as a single gateway to information and is fuelled by social collaboration in the field. With a dedicated team composed on site and offshore, Vignette was able to deliver a complex site in 24 weeks.

Robb Webb, chief human resources officer, Global Hyatt Corporation, says: “Using Vignette, our employees can quickly update and locate fundamental information and benefit from the knowledge of other employees – regardless of location. That translates into more time dedicated to our guests.”

Vignette’s solution for Hyatt united a global company through a single site that encourages dialogue across countries, all under one brand image.