The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has awarded two main contracts to Saudi company Al Bawani and Swiss construction firm Blumer Lehmann for the development of its hotels across The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia.

Under the contract, Al Bawani will provide civil and structural works across 40 hotel villas on the Southern Dunes site.

The work also involves earthworks and stabilisation of each villa, along with their structures and underground utilities connections.

Additionally, it includes the construction of the infrastructure networks for the Southern Dunes resort including sewage, potable water, telecommunications and landscape lighting.

The Saudi company will also establish staff accommodation on site near the Southern Dunes development that will house nearly 700 employees including a host of high-quality amenities.

Al Bawani CEO Fakher Alshawaf said: “This award represents a first for the Southern Dunes and is an essential part of the development plans for The Red Sea Project.

“We’re honoured to be one of the first companies to work across this beautiful site and are pleased to play our role in helping to open up this destination and our country to the rest of the world.”

Meanwhile, Blumer Lehmann was appointed for fabrication and timber construction planning as well as for the supply works for a resort which is situated on Ummahat Al Shaykh Island.

The company will be responsible for the design, off-site manufacturing in Switzerland. It will supply all the engineered timber material for the complete hotel, overwater and beach villas, spa and fitness building, restaurants, and the arrival building.

Additionally, it will provide the technical support and supervision required for smooth installation on-site.

Once complete, the Red Sea Project will feature 50 hotels and 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites.