Hospitality technology platform provider UrVenue has forged a strategic partnership with self-service kiosk company Olea Kiosks.

The partnership is aimed to help resorts and hotels enhance their guest experience and monetise their real estate by bringing together Urvenue’s booking platform and Olea kiosks.

Urvenue’s technology is designed to monetise non-room inventory and other guest touchpoints during the in-stay journey.

Under the tie-up, Urvenue will integrate its booking platform with Olea’s self-service kiosks to create frictionless, on-property, cashier-less, self-service booking capabilities.

It will allow guests to book and transact any inventory within UrVenue.

This includes special event ticketing such as seasonal pop-up experiences, show tickets, restaurant reservations, pool-side cabanas, nightclub and day club admission, special promotion vouchers, sportsbook lounge seats and bundled on-property experiences.

Olea Kiosks CEO Frank Olea said: “Self-service kiosks equipped with the same technology used across all customer touch points helps with workforce management and removes mundane tasks like order and payment entry to allow staff to focus on higher-value tasks that truly enhance the guest experience.”

Commenting on the partnership, UrVenue CEO Deron Pearson added: “Partnering with a trusted kiosk brand such as Olea will help unlock the full potential of UrVenue to resorts and venues all over the world.”

“Together we’ll be able to service customers with what they want, when they want in a safe and easy way as well as provide resorts with important insights, data and guest management.”

The Olea with UrVenue kiosk will be first rolled out at Circa Resort and Casino early next year.