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Mohamed joined Global Data after many years of experience in financial journalism. He has previously worked in the US and in France and published in a multitude of business and financial publications over the years.

Mohamed Dabo

Migrants blockade London hotel after being refused private rooms

Equipped with blankets, duvets, cushions, and suitcases, the migrants steadfastly sleep on the pavement outside the hotel each night.

Emirates offers free hotel stays in Dubai this summer

Emirates passengers flying to Dubai can enjoy a complimentary one or two night’s stay in a luxurious hotel.

American embassy to turn former Jury’s Hotel into diplomatic HQ

The American government is currently conducting a series of inspections and checks at the site in Dublin, Ireland.

LA hotel workers to strike over high cost of living

A union is seeking to jump-start negotiations with hotel owners with a strike authorisation vote before hotel workers.

Airbnb’s summer challenge: balancing affordability and viability

In fierce competition with hotels, Airbnb needs to navigate carefully, balancing affordability, host viability and expansion.

Planning issues delay Royal Clarence Hotel’s transformation

The delay frustrates residents and businesses as the damaged hotel remains an eyesore in Cathedral Yard, opposite Exeter Cathedral.

Penzance gaming hotel fully booked six months before opening

The hotel rooms, which are currently undergoing construction, are scheduled to open in December 2023.

Haunted hotels lure adventurers to rural northern California

In quaint towns across rural northern California, old hotels steeped in history and local legends continue to captivate visitors.

New study: 40% of Brits don’t leave hotel on holiday

A surprising number of Brits feel no guilt about staying indoors during a summer getaway.

Hotel properties face financial uncertainty as debt matures

Hotel investors are grappling with bankruptcies, foreclosures and loan restructuring as market conditions make it difficult to meet their loan obligations.