TP Vision introduces a new range of energy-efficient Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs. They provide great picture quality, versatile connectivity and many dedicated hospitality features, including smart remote management tools, interactive information pages and a Smart TV offering that can be individually tailored for each class of guest room.

MediaSuite hospitality TVs benefit hoteliers with low running costs and comprehensive service through a large Philips TV partner network. Philips MediaSuite features five models with screen sizes from 71cm (28in) to 140cm (55in) and will be available from the second quarter of this year in Europe, Middle East, Russia and APAC.

MediaSuite powered by Oxigen delivers superior hospitality solutions
Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs are powered by Philips Oxigen, a comprehensive feature set designed to deliver the latest in connectivity to both guests and hoteliers, while ensuring low cost of ownership.

Easy remote maintenance benefits hoteliers
With SmartInstall hoteliers can save serious money. It allows hoteliers to set-up and maintain Philips MediaSuite TVs remotely with little effort. Hoteliers can load software upgrades and update SmartInfo pages via an easy to use PC tool without entering guest rooms. Channel mapping can also be carried out without disturbing guests.

Interactive, smart information system
Thanks to SmartInfo, hoteliers share customised information easily with their guests direct to the MediaSuite TV screen without the need for an internet or intranet connection. A well-designed choice of templates assists hoteliers in creating interactive info pages to promote value added hotel services, including spa and restaurant offerings, and to deliver all kinds of relevant tourist information.

Secure access to Philips Smart TV offering
Philips MediaSuite TVs allow access to the cloud-based Philips Smart TV portal including a large number of online apps, exclusive hospitality apps, catch-up TV services and social media platforms. To ensure data privacy, MediaSuite TVs automatically delete personal information after use.

Customisation of app profiles to meet hoteliers and guests needs
AppControl allows hoteliers to add, delete and sort apps and create different profiles for different rooms. Hoteliers can customise the look and feel of the Smart TV offering to fit their hotel’s corporate identity. In order to optimise bandwidth management, hoteliers can offer full Smart TV services with premium options in selected rooms whilst other rooms can have a reduced feature set with apps requiring smaller bandwidths.

Connecting securely with guests’ smart devices
Next to their broad selection of wired interfaces and ports, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet LAN, Philips MediaSuite TVs offer hassle-free and secure wireless connectivity. Miracast and DirectShare allows movies, pictures and music to stream from guests’ iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to the MediaSuite TV in their guest room. Secure pairing mechanisms protect guests’ private content and data.

Integrated IPTV
Thanks to integrated IPTV, Philips MediaSuite TVs seamlessly connect to existing interactive systems as well as IPTV channels. Video-on-demand delivery, interactive hotel menus and information as well as online ordering systems are possible without a set-top box. In addition to delivering content over coax TV cables, hoteliers can now use an internet network to deliver TV channels or VOD directly to the TV.

Professional services enhancing ROI
Philips hospitality TV owners are served by a care team that specifically focuses on Hospitality TV. TP Vision’s hospitality TV business unit also runs a large partner network with local contacts offering professional and reliable services including on-time and on-location logistics.