“Reduce Risk. Add Business Value.
Transforming your risk management preparedness and response strategy into a competitive advantage.

With more than 70% of global organizations expecting to experience a breach in the next three years, ensuring business continuity has become a top priority. This fact is not lost on consumers and investors, who realize that while cybersecurity perfection is a difficult goal to achieve, companies of all sizes must be prepared to respond decisively and continue operations when a breach occurs. Ongoing delivery of value to your company and customers in the midst of a crisis is essential to business survival, and now requires a team effort.

Introducing ALM’s cyberSecure — A two-day event designed to unite business leaders and the entire risk management team. Sessions and workshops will provide more than 1,500 attendees the insights and connections necessary to implement a preparedness and response strategy that changes the conversation from financial risk to competitive advantage.

Crafted with the entire team in mind, cyberSecure will bridge the dialects each of these stakeholders speaks.
• Executive Management
• Legal Counsel
• IT & Technology
• Risk Managers
• Insurance Carriers, Broker & Agents
• Finance
• Consultants”