Hilton Worldwide, with its portfolio of ten hotel brands, has announced the 2010 results of its sustainability measurement system, LightStay.

The introduction of LightStay has allowed the company to save more than $74m in utility costs as a result of a 6.6% reduction in energy use, a 7.8% reduction in carbon output, a 19% reduction in waste output and a 3.8% reduction in water use.

Hilton will introduce the measurement system across all of its 3,750 properties by December 2011.

According to Hilton, LightStay has more than 1,200 projects in the system, which is expected to double by 2012.

Hilton is attempting to reduce energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and waste output by 20%, as well as lower water consumption by 10% from direct operations within its owned hotels and corporate properties by 2014.