Malaysian hotel brand Tune Hotels has registered three million guests since the opening of its first hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur in 2007.

Tune Hotels’ guest arrivals have been growing rapidly, from one millionth achieved in March 2010 to two million in the middle of this year as the network expands across South East Asia and the UK.

Tune Hotels Group CEO Mark Lankester said that 30 new Tune Hotels properties will open globally in 2012.

The brand is also offering a 30% discount on published room rates, excluding add-ons, to guests who book for a minimum of two nights at its hotels in Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia.

In September, Tune Hotels revealed plans to invest MYR1.42bn ($450m) over the next five years in setting up 90 new hotels, according to

Lankester said the group is looking at Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia to set up at least five properties in each location, as well as targeting the UK, India, Australia and Europe for new hotels, with an investment of $5m for each hotel.

Tune Hotels has an inventory of over 2,000 rooms in14 hotels in Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK and Thailand.